International Researchers at UiB
Cultural training

Working with Norwegians

Achieve better results and a more problem free communication with Norwegians through increased cultural awareness.

Classroom with a powerpoint presentation with a picture of people dressed in bunad.
Karin Ellis explaining what is typical Norwegian customes and behaviours.
Signe Knappskog

Main content

This training is offered (free of charge) to international researchers (incl. PhD-candidates) and other foreign employees at the university and their spouse/partners. Included in this training is a light meal.

NB! Everyone who wants to participate needs to register.


We have a maximum of 22 participants.

Registration: http://www.survey-xact.no/LinkCollector?key=FWSL6M6X3695

Goals of the cultural training

  • Create an awareness of the cultural differences
  • Bridge the culture gap between Norwegian culture and your own
  • Reduce communication issues/problems

Content of the training

  • Some information about Norway
  • Major cultural differences
  • Ethnocentrism - how we are coloured by our own culture
  • The most important cultural differences
  • What you can expect when working with Norwegians
  • Typical scenarios with hints and tips
  • More cultural aspects


Karin Ellis from Ellis Culture and Consulting

Example of feedback

“I have been to Norway twice before but I have never attended this type of training describing all about the Norwegian culture. This training will really help me coming more forward and adapt the Norwegian culture with ease.
I would recommend this culture training to all my colleagues in Norway”.

“The session was really useful and helped me understand Norwegian culture and how Norwegians think.”

"I have studied Nordic languages, literature and ethnology for almost 6 years, but I have never before got such a good insight into the Norwegian culture and manners as I did during your presentation!"