International Researchers at UiB


Finding suitable accommodation in Bergen can be a bit difficult, especially in the period July to October when a lot of students are also looking for a place to rent.

UiB accommodation

Guesthouses for newly appointed staff from abroad and guest researchers

The International Centre manages the rental of approx. 42 bedsits/flats for guest researchers and newly appointed staff at UiB. Search for available guest accommodation in the electronic accommodation calendar. Rental requests can be submitted online.

More information: http://www.uib.no/en/foremployees/115109/guesthousing-rental

Short time rent

Student housing for employees and guests

Depending on the availability (usually only in the spring semester), visiting researchers to the University of Bergen may also rent a room at the student hostel at Fantoft. There are special prices for non-students, and special fixed rates for short-time renting. Cancellation of a room is allowed no later than 48 hours before arrival.

For more information about student housing in Bergen, please visit the SAMMEN website: www.sammen.no

NOTE: Visiting researchers who are interested in renting a room at a student hostel can contact the host department at the University of Bergen for assistance.

Pensions, B&B etc

Information from the official tourist office


If you are in Bergen outside the tourist season, you may ask for a better rate when staying at the same place for a period.

Housing for Rent from/to University Employees

At the UiB web there is an area called "The internal market" where those who have an IT account for employees can place adverts for "houses to rent" or "looking for a house to rent". Those traveling for a semester or two as guest researchers are interested in renting out their property to other university employees while they are away. Some other people also ask us to place their adverts here because they want to rent out to people connected to the university. Below you can read more about this marketplace.

Ordinary rentals

The following links may be useful for renting an apartment. You may ask for assistance in order to take full advantage of the following websites.

http://www.finn.no/ (select “Bergen”)


Moving goods - support

Finacial support when moving

When recruiting permanant staff to UiB, and in a very few special cases for temporarily staff, the university can give financial support to cover the costs.

The HR-Division is administrating the relocation allowance. Contact information: The Division of Human Resources

Information about relocation allowance

Relocation bill (only available in Norwegian)

Customes - household goods

Many people wants to bring a few things with them when they move to Norway - here is information from customs concerning household goods.

Tips for moving

About removal companies