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Getting Around

The city centre of Bergen is relatively small and most shops and services are within walking distance.



Bergen is surrounded by sea and mountains - which do not provide the best conditions for an effective and modern road network. We do experience problems with rush traffic in and out of the city in all directions. A few years ago the county started again with some local boat routes for transportation of people in and out of the city. There is a boat going to Askøy and one to Nordhordland.

Another affect of the traffic is that it contributes to the problem of air pollution in the winter. Some days it is not advisable for people with breathing problems to be outside.

Buses and light rail

The transportation company of the county is called skyss. At www.skyss.no/en you can find information about buses, the light rail and local boats, timetables and prices.

Park and ride (for people using public transportation).


The University has parking facilities at both Nygårdshøyden and at Årstadvollen. Employees and students with valid parking permits can park here on the first come first served basis. Information about parking permits, application, terms and conditions.

Parking in the city - parking houses information.

The city centre is divided into parking zones for the people living there.

Park and ride (for people using public transportation).


UiB wishes all staff to have opportunity to cycle to the university so we offer secure bike parking and the use of wardrobes and showers.

Bergen wants to become a better city for cyclists - here is some information about it in Norwegian.

Bergen City Cycle - how to use it and practical information.

Park and ride for cyclists.