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Emigration Notification


Emigration - Moving from Norway

Moving from Norway to another country is regarded as emigration when you intend to settle in another country. If you move from Norway to another country, you must report any change to the tax office/national registry. You can NOT report this move from Norway by the internet.

When moving abroad, this change has to be done with a written notification. Please use this form: flyttemeldingsskjema RF-1454, and include a copy of your ID. If you are living in Bergen, this should send to: Skatt vest- Bergen, Postboks 1044, 5808 Bergen. 

Moving to the Nordic Countries:

• The move should only be reported in the immigration country. Read more here.
• If your report of moving is accepted in the immigration country, you have automatically migrated from Norway.

Moving to  Non-Nordic Countries:

You must report any change when:
1. You have been living in Norway (at least six months) and will settle abroad
2. When you intend to stay abroad for at least six months

To report the change, fill out the form Notification to the tax office, include a copy of your ID,  send the form to the tax office where you live less than 14 days before the day of departure.

The Tax Office will consider you  as an  emigrate on the basis of information given on the form in connection with residential and working after moving.

• In some cases, the tax office may require additional information on migration and your connection to Norway.

Norway Post

NB! The National Registry do NOT inform the post office about your new adress. You should  report this yourself  to the Post : Change of address