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Mandatory Tuberculosis Test

Tuberculosis examination is mandatory for some groups of immigrants to Norway.


Mandatory Tuberculosis Test

Norwegian law requires that all foreign nationals from countries where there is a high occurrence of tuberculosis, who will be residing in Norway more than three months, must be tested within four weeks after arrival.

The examination is done at Smittevernkontoret

  • Visting adress: Helsehus, Solheimsgaten 9, 3rd floor (4.etg)
  • Opening hours: Monday – Tuesday: 08.20 – 11.00

It is not possible to make appointments in advance. Remember to bring your passport.

Contact Smittevernkontoret at: mvh​@bergen.kommune.no
or call 55 56 52 00

You will receive documentation when you have had your check-up.

The exemination is free of charge.

According to the regulation on tuberculosis control

The following persons are obliged to undergo tuberculosis testing:

A) Persons from countries with high incidence of tuberculosis, who will be staying for more than three months in the country with a residence permit, registration certificate or residence card, as well as refugees and asylum seekers.

B) Persons who have stayed for at least three months in a country with a high incidence of tuberculosis over the last three years who will be admitted or recruited in a position in the health and welfare services, in teacher positions or in other positions related to childcare. The duty also applies to persons undergoing training or hospitalization in such positions.

C) Other people who are suspected of being or have been at risk of being infected with tuberculosis.