International Researchers at UiB
International Researcher

Activities for International Researchers

Every month we try to organize some activities for international researchers at UiB, and her/his spouse/family.


The activity can be a seminar or a meeting, a museum visit or a more physical type of activity. These activities are directed towards international researchers employed at the university and to guest researchers visiting UiB, and their accompanying family.

Information about upcoming activities can be found in the calendar at the IR web page and on the English employee pages, or you can receive information by email by signing up for the IR-Newsletter. In order to participate in the activities you will have to register for it.

Fishing trip

The annual boat and fishing trip which we organize together with the INN club has become a popular tradition. Usually we have this trip early in the autumn semester when it is still warm enough to enjoy an afternoon at the boat, and when there are plenty of mackerels to be caught in the sea.

Working with Norwegians

Once every semester we organize a seminar called "Working with Norwegians" where the main topic is Norwegian culture. In the seminar we try to look at what is typical Norwegian, what is considered to be polite behavior in Norway and what is expected in certain situations. Through talking about culture differences, we hope this seminar will contribute to increase cultural awareness in order to bridge cultural gaps and to improve communication.

Tax meeting

Once a year (March - April) the tax office in Bergen is invited to the university to talk to international researchers about the tax system and the tax return in English. After a general presentation of the Norwegian tax system, the tax advisers are available for individual questions.

Other information meeting

On irregular basis we have had information meetings on topics such as pension, child welfare, immigration etc. If you have a topic or an issue you think we should organize an information meeting about, please feel free to make such suggestion to us at euraxess@uib.no.

Cultural and social activities

This can be an Explore Bergen activity, where we visit different part of Bergen. The place we visit may have an interesting history, it can have a special museum or a nice piece of art etc. Often we make these visits together with a guide who can tell us more about the history of the place.

Sometimes this can also be hiking in the city mountains or visiting places outside of Bergen like the costal museum in Øygarden, the Salhus knitting industry museum or The Heathland Centre at Lygra.

General information about things to do in Bergen