International Researchers at UiB

Guest researchers

The goal of the university to be an excellent host for international guests. Here is some practical information for guest researchers we hope will give you a good start on your visit at UiB.


A guest researcher is defined as someone with mainly external funding, visiting a department/ research group or individual researcher. The visit should be based on an agreement with the department where the rights and obligations are decided in advance.

Establishing Contact

The university receives many requests from researchers wanting to visit us for a period. Usually you will have the best chance to succeed in making a research visit, if you first establish direct contact with our researchers in your field.

Good contact and communication when planning a visit allows both parties to clarify goals and expectations of each other, and thus ensure that they actually achieve what was the purpose of the visit.

- The guest researchers gets a head start with the work and greater benefit from their stay.

-The host research group have time to make plans for how to included the guest into the their work and thus improve the possibility that the guest´s expertise can be utilized by the group.

- The departments with limited office space and facilities available will want to prioritize accepting visitors who already have ties to the researchers at the institute.

If you for various reasons would like to be a visiting researcher here, but do not have any contacts, we can try to help you, but it would be more difficult. Please contact us at: euraxess@uib.no. We would also require that you document your purpose of visit, what you hope to achieve and how you will finance your visit.

Do you need a visa?

Some people do not need a visa to visit Norway. This applies to persons with a resident permit in a Schengen country and citizens of countries that have agreements with Norway.

At www.udi.no you can find more information regarding this: Visit Norway without a visa.

Guest invitation

If you need a Schengen visa or a residence permit to visit us, an official invitation letter is required. An invitation should clarify the frames for the visit (who, when, why, what - and if any costs will be covered by UiB).

An invitation have certain requirements: The written invitation should be on the headed paper of the inviting department/unit of the university, explaining who will be coming, how long they will be staying in Norway, and the purpose of their stay. If the inviting department is accepting any financial responsibility with regard to the travel costs, accommodation etc, this must be made clear in the invitation. The invitation should state how the visit will be financed.

It is better to write a long invitation letter explaining everything instead of having vital information left out. Remember that the invitation letter is mainly for the processing of visa for the immigration authorities, and the officers needs to understand the scope of the visit to see if they can grant you a visa.

Guarantee declarations

There is no requirement for companies/businesses like the university to submit a guarantee declaration. Any financial responsibility should be well documented in the invitation letter.

Staying less than 3 months

Researchers and lectures from countries outside EU/EEA working for less than three months in Norway do NOT need to apply for a residence permit. [cf. the Immigration Regulations Section 1-1 second paragraph.] but may need a Schengen visa depending on the agreement your country have with Schengen.

Staying longer than 3 months  

EU and EEA nationals should register if staying longer than three months - see information regarding immigration for EU and EEA citizens .

Other nationals normally need to apply for a residence permit if staying for more than three months - see information regarding immigration from outside EU/EEA. 

You will normally apply for the residence permit for Researcher with own funds. For this type of application you need to have a guest invitation from a department of the university, and documentation of how you will finance your stay (like grants, salary from home, part-time job in Norway etc.). This type of residence permit is almost identical (rights and obligation) to a residence permit as a student.

The Norwegian Directorate of Immigration (UDI) has a lot of information on the web about immigrating to Norway.  www.udi.no

If you have questions, it is possible to phone UDI. But when calling, be prepared for waiting. Information on how to contact UDI: http://www.udi.no/en/contact-us/

At the International Centre we also provide information and assistance for guest researchers.

Applying for a resident permit

Guest researcher (and family members) can either apply from abroad, or apply from Norway if you have legal stay in Norway.

In Bergen, researchers (employees or with own funding) and their family members, should do this at the SUA office.  

NB! In many cases it may be just as quick applying for resident permit from abroad than waiting until you have arrived. (Norway is an expensive country, so you are probably better of not spending a lot of waiting time here. You need a valid resident permit before you can start working in Norway.

When choosing type of applications form in the application portal, you should choose the category "Training and research".

Receivers of grants/financial support in Norway

Those who receive subsistence allowance or other type of support from the University of Bergen (or other Norwegian sources) while they are here, have to meet in person at the tax office and apply for a tax card. You need to bring documentation of WHY you are here, WHAT you will be doing, HOW long you will stay and HOW much support you will receive during your visit (in other words - another copy of your invitation). In these cases the tax office will most likely grant you a tax exemption, but this does not happen automatically if you don´t apply and inform them.