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Permanent Residence Permit

There are many reasons why some people want to get a permanent residence permit. Being able to stay here even though you experience periods without a job, is one of them.

EU and EEA citizenz

After five years of residency in Norway (having a residence permit or being registred), it is possible for EEA nationals and their non-EEA national’s family to apply for permanent right of residence.

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NON-EU/EEA citizens

After three years of residency in Norway, it is possible to apply for permanant residency permit. There are some requirements:

- Your temporarily residence permit needs to have been a skilled worker or family member of one.
- You need to have completed language courses at minimum level A2 or level 2 at the university, Bergenstest or similar
- You need to have a valid residency permit when you apply
- Your stay in Norway has been continuous

Read more at: http://www.udi.no/en/want-to-apply/permanent-residence/?resetguide=1


Renewing your residence card

When you have a temporarily residence permit, your residence card is valid for the same period. And you need to apply for a new residence permit instead of just renewing the card.

Family members of EU/EEA citizens who are not EU/EEA citizens themselves, with a permanent right of residence, will have a residence card as a proof of this right. This card is valid for ten years at a time and can be renewed.

NON-EU/EEA citizens with a permanent residence permit will get a residence card valid for two years, and needs to renew it before the card expires.


Here is a receipt of what to do in order to renew:

 NB!  It is no longer a matter of turning up at the Police Station; you must book an appointment online first.


How to book an appointment

To renew your permanent residency card (or passport stamp)

First go to the UDI web site. Find the box with the link: Want to renew.

Second, on the new page, go to New residence card or sticker in your passport.

Third, you will have to select 2 things: (1) the country you come from (your nationality) (2) the region you are in here in Norway (i.e. Bergen). Then you will access instructions (a kind of check list) of “How to Apply”.

To continue you must login. Make yourself a login and password and login to complete the application process and to book a time to go to the police station (NB you cannot just show up).


Note: The new Bergen Immigration Office is in Nesttun.

Nesttunbrekka 95, 5221 Nesttun, ground floor (same building as the Bergen South police station). See the map.

If you go by car, you must pay for parking.

If you go by bybanen, it is closest to the Skjoldskiftet stop, 100-200m walk.