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Service announcement from the IT division

Continuation of phones at doors, labs and common areas

UiB's local phone exchange for landline phones is in the process of being shut down. This means that soon all phones connected to this will stop working. Planned date is 15. April 2019.


We are now searching for door telephones, phones in laboratories and other landline phones that need to be available for emergency calls while the users may not be expected to have a mobile phone available. These phones are not connected to any specific person but may be continued on request. This does not cover phones in receptions or common offices, e.g. 'Ph D offices' or guest offices. Here every user must get a personal phone number according to need.

Wireless phones will be continued as they are today, but no extra wireless phones will be installed.

This web form should be used. Please supply one entry per phone, as we need to know the numbers of the wall outlet and the telephone. If you have a lot of phone numbers you want continued, feel free to email a list to stale.hagen@uib.no. Please make sure that we will be able to make out what phone number is attached to which wall outlet.

If you have any questions, please contact Ståle Hagen, stale.hagen@uib.no  or the IT Service Desk BRITA on 55584700 or https://bs.uib.no.