Faculty of Law

Reading rooms

The Faculty of Law’s reading rooms are open to all students at the faculty, and can be found in the old building on Dragefjellet and on the 2nd and 3rd floor of the new building.

Empty reading room

The main rule is that students who arrive first have the right to use the place the entire day. If you leave your place for more than two hours, you will lose this right. Your place should then be tidied and made available for other students. The desk surface must be empty when you leave for the day.

Laptops can not be used in reading room 3.

Please read the rules supplementing the joint regulations for reading rooms.

Juridisk Studentutvalg (JSU) administers the booking of lockers at the faculty. Please contact them if you have questions regarding these matters.

See the indoor map below for an overview of the reading rooms and computer rooms at the faculty.