Faculty of Law

Cafeterias at the Faculty of Law

Dragefjellet has a good cafeteria for students and employees. In addition, there's the cafeteria Traumaten and Fjøset (the Barn), both run by the students themselves.

The Student Welfare Organisation (SiB) cafeteria

Dragefjellet probably has the University’s nicest cafeteria, with a spectacular view of the Bergen fjord (byfjorden).

For opening hours and further information, see SiB.


Traumaten is the student’s own cafeteria, which opens when the SiB cafeteria closes. It is situated by the reading rooms on the 2nd floor in the new building.

Traumaten offers, among other things, coffee, tea, rolls, waffles, fruit and chocolate. Outside opening hours, vending machines are available.

Fjøset (the Barn)

The symbol of the Law Association (Juristforeningen) is Injuria the cow. She inhabits Fjøset (the Barn), a bomb shelter on the 3rd floor furnished for social activities. The students use it as a recreational room and as an arena for social events arranged by the Law Association (Juristforeningen).