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Short distances

– Everything we do in society is somehow related to the law, Abhi says.

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– Bergen is a great city – not too big, not too small. There’s always something to do and activities to take part in.
– I’ve become more and more interested in law during the course of my studies. I like that the courses are all about understanding and applying the law, not about learning everything by heart like many people think. 

International profile

Abhi is staying in Bergen for a year as an exchange student on the Erasmus program. Studying law in a country with a different legal system gives him the opportunity to take courses with different perspectives.

– The law courses I take here in Bergen have an international angle, we focus on both EU and international law, he says.

– I heard about Bergen’s focus on and expertise in Competition Law back in Germany, and I find it very interesting.

The small differences

When you’re studying in another country, many things will be a bit different from what you’re used to. One of the things Abhi finds to be different in Bergen is the ­academic environment.

– The structure is less formal than what I’m used to, in the beginning I thought it was a bit strange to call the teachers by their first names, he says.

He finds the relationship between the academic staff and students to be less distant. This allows for a teaching environment where it’s easier to participate and ask questions.

– The teachers often stay for a bit after the lecture is over so that we can ask questions. They’re very eager to help and they answer emails very quickly, he smiles.

New friends

The German exchange student is very pleased with the welcome he received when he arrived in Bergen.

– The University has been very helpful. We get the ­information we need and support along the way if we have questions.

The social program at the beginning of each term is also something he brings up.

– There were a lot of social events where we got to know international as well as Norwegian students. ­International students also join the student organisations at the faculty.

He had heard about Bergen’s nickname “the City of Rain” before arriving.

– I got used to the rain pretty fast! Bergen is a great city – not too big, not too small. There’s always something to do and activities to take part in.