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Law is an academic study, and writing different types of texts is a core academic activity. Scholarly writing is governed by a number of rules, and violation of these rules has consequences. The rules are based partly on legislation, including the formal regulations and guidelines laid down by the Faculty, and partly on established academic traditions. In addition, the requirement that students submit written work is central to the pedagogical principles on which the Master's programme is built. Basically, the main objective is to promote learning and skill.

There are academic requirements regarding the quality of required assignments. These apply to both the form of presentation and the methods used. Intellectual property rights and academic standards require honesty and precision in the use and citation of sources.

All required written work is checked. Any irregularities in the citation of sources or if the work is not considered to be sufficiently original will result in rejection of the paper. Serious cases may be considered as cheating or attempted cheating, which may lead to annulment of the course and the examination, meaning the student will have to repeat the entire course. It may even result in exclusion (expulsion) from the University for one or two semesters.
See the attached document below for more detailed information.