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Illness on the day of the exam

Rules and procedures regarding illness on the day of the exam

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Important: temporary regulations

The University of Bergen has temporarily introduced self-certification in the event of legitimate absence from examinations, cf. Temporary Regulations relating to additions to Regulations 16 February 2012 No. 872 concerning admission, studies, assessment and degrees at the University of Bergen. The temporary regulations will ensure that students at the University of Bergen are able to complete their education and receive their degrees and diplomas without delay due to conditions related to Covid-19 (SARS-CoV-2). The Regulations apply until the end of the 2021 autumn semester.

Read more about this on the Division of Student and Academic Affairs’ webpage Illness and examinations - where you will find, among other things, a self-certification form regarding legitimate absence from examinations. The self-certification form must be submitted no later than one week after the examination date in order for legitimate absence to be registered.




Ordinary rules:

If you are unable to sit an examination because of illness, this must be documented to ensure that the examination does not count as a valid attempt at sitting an examination. You must submit a medical certificate to the Faculty within one week after the examination date. The medical certificate must be issued no later than the examination date, and must state explicitly that you were unable to take the examination on the date in question because of illness. Together with the medical certificate, you must also submit an accompanying note stating the relevant subject/s. The accompanying note can be found at the bottom of this page.

Both the medical certificate and the accompanying note may be delivered to the Information Centre or sent by post to the University of Bergen, The Faculty of Law, Post box. 7806, 5020 Bergen.

For additional information, see the Supplementary Regulations for Studies at the Faculty of Law Section 3-4, Sub-section 3 b)