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Learn About Cancer Through Art

The project Learn About Cancer Through Art is a small scale project financed by the University of Bergen. The project aims at using art as a tool to disseminate knowledge about cancer biology. We collaborate with artists, involve them into active discussions about selected aspects of cancer biology, and challenge them to transform that into art.

IMMUNE SYSTEM: Lars and Laila Lymphocyte are ready to act, but unfortunately so easy to fool.
Per Sakariassen
Kreftcellens slagord
THE SLOGAN OF THE CANCER CELL: The cancer cell, played by Henriette Christie Ertsås, knows how to grow, but the growth is not quite controlled.
Per Sakariassen
Norsk flyer
SNEAKY PLAN: Were you tempted by the cancer cell’s sneaky plan? It swindles and persuades healthy cells of the body to surrender organs and downright contribute to invasion and growth. We can hardly blame them. As it is no easy matter to withstand the cancer cell’s manipulation and winning charm.
Per Sakariassen/Colourbox
Frk. Carcinoma
INVADED: Miss Carcinoma has invaded the corporal enterpise.
Per Sakariassen
Kari Blodkar
STRUGGLE: Betty Bloodvessel struggles to deliver sufficient glukose and oxygen as Miss Carcinoma demands.
Per Sakariassen
Frida Fibroblast
SQUEEZED OUT: Frida Fibroblast has been squeezed out of her office, but adapts to the worst of conditions.
Per Sakariassen
THE EPITHELIAL MAMMARY CELLS: The epithelial mammary cells do their best to contain themselves.
Tarig Osman
Prosjektets logo
THE LOGO OF THE PROJECT: In which category are you placed? Cancer patient, cancer free, or healthy? Is it really that simple?
Tarig Osman
CHAMELEON: Cancer is a shapeshifter.
Tarig Osman

Main content

The project manager is Tarig Osman at the Department of Clinical Medicine, UiB. Tarig has a background as a dental surgeon from the University of Khartoum, Sudan, and in 2014 completed his PhD focusing on cancer stem cell related markers in normal and neoplastic oral mucosa at UiB. He has also been a post-doc at the Center for Cancer Biomarkers (CCBIO) from 2014-2016, working on experimental studies of angiogenesis, tumor microenvironment and metastatic spread in breast cancer subtypes. He is currently employed by the Renal Research Group (50%) and the Tissue engineering group (50%) at UiB.

Henriette Christie Ertsås plays the part as the cancer cell, and is a guest researcher at the Department of Clinical Medicine. She is a molecular biologist, has a PhD from the Department of Biomedicine and CCBIO, and does research on age-dependent cancer at CCBIO. Having also studied acting she is well suited to tell the story of the wondrous biology of cells.

Exhibition program

  • Viewing of SHORTFILMS about the cancer cell – She is the world’s worst colleague. Employed in the corporal enterprise, where she takes gross advantage of her position.          
  • CHALLENGE COURSE: Through risk factors of cancer.
  • THEATRE PERFORMANCE: “Stine Stem Cell Finds Herself» about identity and phenotypic plasticity.
  • CANCER ON THE WALL: Paintings and photo
  • AT THE DOCTOR’S: What is the crystal ball we need to predict the future of the patient?


Additional Program Release Party 25.10

  • HIDDEN THEATRE: Samples from upcoming short films in the series
  • PODCAST recording: Challenges linked to personalized cancer treatment of the future
  • COURSE in CARCINOMA. The cancer cell shares strategies in management. Useful tips for aspiring entrepreneurs.


See this page for updates on the program, time and place: https://www.facebook.com/events/692624364540295/?active_tab=about