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Midway evaluation

Midway evaluation - Vinjar Brenna Hansen

Midway evaluation for the PhD degree at the University of Bergen for candidate Vinjar Brenna Hansen

Main content

Vinjar Brenna Hansen is affiliated with the Department of Clinical Medicine. Supervisors are Stephan Röhrl, Christian Hellum and Ove Nord Furnes.


Intraks – Indication and treatment of adult kyphoscoliosis



Degeneration, prior surgery and fractures healed in a kyphosis can lead to kyfoscoliotic deformity in adult patients that might result in severe pain and impaired function. An aging population and the development of anesthesia- and surgical care has given wide indications for surgical correction of spinal deformity in adults in the past 20 years. The revision rate is high, the success rate questionable and the influence of the long fixations to the sacroiliac joint (SIJ) unknown. We aim to investigate the revision rate and success retrospectively, prospectively as well as comparing the new CT-RSA with RSA for motion analysis of the SIJ.

Material and methods

We have three work packages (WP1-3) in the study and a cooperation between university hospitals in Norway, Sweden and Japan for the WP1 and WP2. WP1 is a retrospective study (2009-2019) of the deformity surgery in adults with collection of a wide range of data and PROMS to analyze the revision rate, predictors for revision surgery and the satisfaction/pain. WP2 is a prospective study of the same patient group (2020-2024) comparing a surgical and non-surgical cohort and analyzing predictors for satisfaction. In the WP3, we have conducted a feasibility study comparing CT-RSA with RSA for SIJ-motion.

Execution and time of delivery

The retrospective data (114 patients) will be analyzed and a manuscript submitted in the end/beginning of 2023/2024. The inclusion of patients in the WP2 surgical- (100 patients) and the non-surgical group (25 patients) will continue until the end of 2023 and then we will start to analyze the data for a manuscript. A manuscript for the WP3 has been submitted to Acta Radiologica and is in the review process. The work for the submission of the thesis will be continue during 2024-2026 and the submission is planned at the start of 2026.


There is a bit delay in the data collection from Sweden and Japan for the WP1. The covid-19 has made an impact on the inclusion of patients in the WP2 due to cancelled surgery and general low hospital activity (2020-2022). For the WP3 we will not go further with the main study of CT-RSA motion analysis of the SIJ in long vs short fixations; a Swedish research group took the concept. We are overall in route for the PhD work.