Department of Clinical Medicine


The Department of Clinical Medicine (K1) aims to be best when it comes to education. This applies to the professional training of doctors, master's degree and bachelor degree.

Main content

Students meet K1 in lectures, clinics and group lessons. The Medical Student Research Program and project work represent important specialization for students and function as gateways into research. K1 coordinates the many courses of the nutrition studies. Employees in technical and administrative positions see students both individually and in groups. Administration of education in our subjects is shared by K1 and K2 (Dept. of Clinical Science). This will promote an organization that is optimal for both students and teachers.

How can we measure whether education is good?
Student evaluation is an important parameter. K1 will add significant weight to such evaluations, and will make changes according to feedback from students. Learning results are very important parameters. Have all the students learned what they should, and how many of them are really good? Exams and scores provide reliable feedback. Exam results and student evaluations also provide opportunities to see how changes turn out. The extent to which subjects are popular with former students or the most talented students, may also a good quality measure.