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Research Presentations 2014

Winners of Research Presentations 2014

Friday 30th of January, the Postgraduate School of Clinical Medical Research hosted the grand closing ceremony of the weeklong event Research Presentations 2014.

Group photo of all the winners of Research Presentations 2014
Winners of Research Presentations 2014. From left: Leta Tesfaye, Christel Gill Haanshuus, Vice-Dean Robert Bjerknes, Hege Clemm, Kristin Greve-Isdahl Mohn, Hilde Løland Von Volkmann, leader of the research school Stefan Johansson, and Stig Hartug, supervisor for Arvid Steinar Haugen who could not be here in person as he was in the Haakon Hall to receive his PhD diploma.
Eli Vidhammer

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This was the 10th time the Research School hosted this annual event. PhD students and research fellows from our clinical communities (K1, K2 and Helse Bergen) presented their research through posters and oral presentations. Three winners in both categories were selected by a jury after a thorough process.


Congratulation to the winners!

Winner of the oral presentations, Kristin G-I Mohn (K2) was very happy to receive an award for her research through the last 2,5 years. She has led a clinical study for evaluating a new influenza vaccine administered by nasal spray. The vaccine has proved to be easy in use, had few and mild adverse effects, and was effective for at least one year.

2nd place: Arvid Steinar Haugen (K2) was awarded for his presentation of a study on hospital quality control, and how a check-list for safe surgery can reduce complications and mortality.

3rd place: Hilde Løland Von Volkmann (K1) has studied the effect of a gene mutation within a family and how it led to diarrhea and other gastrointestinal disorders.

Poster presentations:

Leta Tesfaye (K1) received first prize for his poster presentation. His research has been on  knee prostheses and has shown that it is beneficial to replace the entire knee. His research has contributed to changing clinical practice.

2nd place: Hege Clemm (K2) has studied the physical capacity in a group of people that were born extremely prematurely in 1980 and 1990.

3rd place Christel Gill Haanshuus (HUS) has studied prevalence of malaria, and diagnostic methods for detecting malaria at local hospitals in India.


Enthustiastic jury

In the jury was Professor Rebecca Jane Cox, Professor Emeritus Lorentz Irgrens and Professor Laurence Bindoff. Chairperson of the jury Rebecca Cox explains that it was no easy job being on the jury and having to choose between such high quality presentations, from so many talented researchers.

-I would like to congratulate all of the participants with great presentations and thank them for prioritizing this important event in their busy schedules. It was inspirational to experience the enthusiasm and love of research in so many of our young and talented researchers!

And there were many great contributions: 52 posters encompassing all fields of medicine, and 22 oral presentations.


A great opportunity for PhD students

Professor Cox emphasizes that this is a great chance for PhD students to present their work to colleagues at the same stage in their career and have positive feedback and meet and learn from very many other young medics and scientists. She sees this as one of the best opportunities in their career to communicate their research to a broad group of peers, in a safe and friendly environment. She strongly recommends that all PhDs grab the amazing chance that these two days of research school provide to meet new colleagues, impress other with their work and learn more than they probably will in their entire PhD!


Satisfied organizing committee

The committee this year consisted of Maria Omsland (K2), Leslie Sofia Pareja Eide (K2) and Mohammad Ahmad Intakhar (K1).

- It was a lot of work, but we are very pleased with this year's event, says leader of the committee, Maria Omsland. - It was nice to celebrate the 10th anniversary with a record number of participants. It was two exhausting but rewarding days, especially for the judges who made an incredible job!

The committee would like to thank all participants for keeping deadlines and timeframes for their presentations. - They all did a brilliant job!

The same organizing committee will be responsible for Research Presentations 2015.