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New visual profile

University of Bergen launches new website design

The new design for the website is based on the University of Bergen's graphic profile. The visual changes will make the graphic identity on screen and in print more consistent.

Illustration photo for the new web design
NEW DESIGN: UiB.no is launching a new design with bigger fonts, bigger pictures, less clutter and more space.

Main content

On December 10 2015, UiB.no had a visual facelift. The website now has an updated design that maintains the graphic elements the University of Bergen (UiB) uses in print and includes a newly developed front page that targets students more explicitly. 

Although the website has a new design, the basic functionalities remains the same and apart from some new elements on the front page, all content and functions will remain as before.

Through various testing and reports a better understanding of what users would want to see in the website was established, along with which key pages should be in the main menu for better navigation. This information was gathered by user testing, data analysis, external reports and questionnaires.

The old design consisted of a large amount of content with very little space and small elements. This made it challenging for users to navigate the website and find the proper information. The primary aim for the new design is that important content will be easier to find and comfortable to read without any distracting elements. To achieve this, the design now has got larger font sizes, more images and more space between text and elements.