K.G. Jebsen Centre for Deep Sea Research

Training the Next Generation

The K.G. Jebsend Centre for Deep Sea Research (JC-DeepSea) welcomes Master and PhD students!

PhD course
Adam Schaen


JC-DeepSea aims to be a locus for disciplinary and interdisciplinary training of geo- and bio-candidates. At any one time, we expect to have an average of 20-25 master students, 10-15 PhD students and approximately 10 postdoctoral candidates associated with the Centre.

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Training the Next Generation

The training of the candidates will be organised through a research school in Earth System Science – currently being planned. The research school will provide a framework for the Master and PhD study programmes including field, experimental, analytical and theoretical training. It will also provide students and candidates with a place where they can gain experience with outreach activities reaching beyond the university and academia.