Department of Chemistry
Election results

Election results of members to group B and group D of the Institute Board at the Department of Chemistry - spring 2020

The candidates are elected for the term 01.08.2020 – 31.07.2021 and voting started 18th May at 09:00AM and ended 22th May at 12:00PM.


Results for gr. B

Total number of ballots: 11
Total number of blank votes: 0

Elected:    Beate Halsvik

1. vice: Christian Sant Gjermestad
2. vice: Andrea Estefania Carpinteyro Diaz
3. vice: Nina Henne

Results for gr. D

Total number of ballots: 18
Total number of blank votes: 4

Elected:    Liv Helene Kolberg Sickel
Elected:    Mathias Brevik

1. vice: Nikolai Golten Fiskeseth     
2. vice: Camilla Hallanger
3. vice: Kristine Lauve Irgens
4. vice: Johnny André Kristiansen Mardal


Voting started 18th May at 09:00AM and ended 22nd May at 12:00PM.

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Candidates for gr. B

Christian Sant Gjermestad

Beate Halsvik; About myself: I was employed as a doctoral candidate in organic synthesis and medicinal chemistry in 2018 and have previously earned both my bachelor’s and master’s degree in chemistry at UiB. As a master student, I was a board member of the chemical student council (KFU) for one year, where I served as an institute board representative and deputy representative on the program board. It was an educational experience where I got the opportunity to both share my views and gain better insight into the workings of an institute. In my spare time I like to play videogames or go hiking in the many mountains Bergen has to offer.
My point of view: The Department of Chemistry has a large number of temporary staff (doctoral candidates, postdoctoral fellows, researchers, etc.) who contributes to the outstanding academic environment at UiB with their teaching and research. Therefore, I think it is important for this group of employees to be involved in the decisions made at the institute. Young researchers must deal with many and complex challenges: balancing the time between research and teaching, compete for national and international research funding, build international networks and much more. It is therefore important to have access to administrative support and a good psychosocial working environment that also is professionally challenging. Predictability when it comes to teaching duties, salary and further career development is also of vital importance for employment.I run as candidate in order to represent all temporary staff at the institute. It is important to me that our rights are secured.

Andrea Capinteyro Diaz; About myself: I am a doctoral student working on natural products. I hold two master’s degrees and work experience in the same field. The things I love most, apart from my daughter are food and nature. This is something that cannot go one without the other, which is why I have developed my knowledge in this area.
Why me? As a temporary employee and mother, I understand the uncertainty and challenge of this type of contract. And therefore, as a representative, I will be able to address issues that are of interest to our group and our institute, be able to address these, and voice our concerns.

Morten Tysse

Nina Henne

Candidates for gr. D

Mathias Brevik

Nikolai Golten Fiskeseth

Liv Helene Kolberg Sickel

Camilla Hallanger

Johnny Andre Kristiansen Mardal

Kristine Lauve Irgens


Group B and D representatives to the Faculty Board are to be elected for the same period - the election is announced on the Faculty's webpage.

Deadline for the nomination of candidates is overdue 20. March, 12:00PM

How to nominate a candidate:

  • The nomination has to be submitted in writing - please use the attached nomination form
  • The nomination must be signed by at least the same number of persons as the number of proposed candidates.
  • The nominating persons must themselves qualify to vote, see below
  • Each person can sign only one nomination
  • The nominated candidates must fullfil the voting requirements, see below
  • If candidates are proposed who can formally ask for an exemption, the nomination must be accompanied by the candidate's written consent

Nomnations can be sent to the Department's electional contact - see Fact box

Who can vote?

You can vote if you fulfill the following requirements:

Temporary academic staff employed in a minimum 50 % position for the coming 12 months or staff that have been consecutively employed for at least 12 months.

Students who are registered as a student and have paid their semester fees for the semester the election takes place, are entitled to vote.

Please check if you are eligible to vote:

Members of staff

If you cannot find your name in the electoral register, please let ut know.  Send an e-mail to: valgstyret@uib.no 

Elected members to the Institute Board - 2019-2020

Candidates for Gr. B to the department board

These candidates ran for the department board for the term 01.08.2019 – 31.07.2020:

Zeeshan Muhammad - elected
Nominated by: Markus Baumann

Candidates for Gr. D to the department board

These candidates ran for the department board for the term 01.08.2019 – 31.07.2020:

Nikolai Golten Fiskeseth vice1
Nominated by: Dept. committee for nomination

Kristine L. Irgens - elected
Nominated by: Dept. committee for nomination

Angelina Olsen vice3
Nominated by: Dept. committee for nomination

Camilla Hallanger vice2
Nominated by: Dept. committee for nomination

Jostein Rossvoll - elected
Nominated by: Dept. committee for nomination

The Faculty's election committee spring 2020

Gr. A: Fredrik Manne, leader of the election committee
Substitute member: Tanja Barth

Gr. A: Jorun Egge, professor, Institutt for biologi
Substitute member: Bjørn Grung

Gr. B Mathias Sæther

Gr. C: Linda Vagtskjold
Substitute member: Ole Tumyr

Gr. D Mathias Helleve