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Visuell fremstilling av stipendialøpet

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Frequently Asked Questions for PhD candidates and supervisors, and some practical information

FAQ for PhD candidates - work in progress January 2022

FAQ for PhD supervisors - work in progress January 2022

PhD fellow - both employee and student

PhD fellows - HR, travels, salary etc - work in progress January 2022

Overview of current research fellows at KMD

PhD Programme in Artistic Research - regulations, forms and routines

Rules and Regulations 

Regulations for the degree of Philosophiae Doctor (PhD) in Artistic Research at the University of Bergen

Programme description for PhD Programme in Artistic Research

1. Application and Admission

1.1.1 Application for Admission to PhD Programme in Artistic Research 

1.3.1 Agreement on admission to the PhD Programme in Artistic Research 

1.4.1 Plan for the individual training component (10 ECTS) 

Template for budget


2. Implementation

All PhD candidates must complete a Midway Evaluation when they are half way through their planned PhD period. The midway evaluation is an important part of the quality assurance of progress in the PhD project, and will help candidates to complete the thesis within the time frame. If the candidate is unable to complete the mid-term evaluation as planned, they must apply to the department for postponement.
Guidelines for midway evaluation at KMD 
Evaluation committee report on complemented midway evaluation
Main supervisors report
Canidates selfreport

3. Completion

The PhD result must consist of an artistic result as well as material documenting artistic reflection. The artistic result shall be an independent work that meets international standards with regard to level and ethical reqirements in the field. The PhD result should be at a level that contributes to the development of knoledge, insight and experience in the field. The artistic result should be hogh-level artistic work in termsof originality, expression, coherence and dissemination. The artistic result will be presented publicly in the form of a concert, performance, exhibition etc.
Guidelines for obligatory end seminar
3.1.1. Application for final assessment
3.2.1. Proposal for members in assessment comittee
Assessment form
Guidelines assessment PhD

More information

Nasjonal forskerskole for kunstnerisk utviklingsarbeid

Norwegian Artistic Research School

Grieg Research School (music)

PhD in Musicology, Music Therapy or Music Pedagogics

The Grieg Academy- Department of Music is part of the Faculty of Art, Music and Design (KMD). Candidates at the Grieg Academy who wished to pursue a PhD in music science, music therapy or music education, must apply to the PhD program at the Faculty of Humanities (HF), since KMD does not have a separate scientific PhD program. Information about admission, regulations and course syllabus at HF ​​can be found here:

Doctoral education at the Faculty of Humanities

Grieg Research School