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How do we teach this Spring?

How should you as a teacher plan for physical versus digital teaching this Spring semester? Which digital learning tools are suitable for different types of teaching and where can you get training and support?

Råd til UiBs undervisere om undervisning høsten 2020

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Update: Digital teaching prolonged from 9 - 29 September.

Due to the Covid-situation in Bergen and current infection control measures, the period of digital teaching is prolongeduntil January 19. We recommend the use of Zoom for real-time teaching, including the opportunity for dialogue and interaction with students.

Infection control rules will still place restrictions on what kind of education can be physically conducted later this Spring semester, what rooms can be used and how large the groups can be. Therefore, it will be necessary to continue with digital teaching to some extent, and we are therefore heading for a hybrid autumn semester. 

We will try to give you as a teacher an overview of tools that can be used for different teaching purposes and where you can receive training and support.

You can find pedagogical recommendations, user guides and an overview of training courses from the UiB learning lab and IT department in Mitt UiB: 

Common principles of teaching 

The following principles are adopted for teaching this autumn: 

  • We shall give as much physical teaching as room capacity restrictions and guidelines for infection control allow. This means that we can teach groups of up to 100 people. But as a general rule, teaching in such large groups should be avoided.
  • Teaching that cannot be done physically must be given digitally.
  • First-year students and students in subjects that include skills training and practical training in laboratories or other special rooms shall be given priority. The same applies to students in subjects with clinical practice 
  • We shall strive for physical and digital education to support each other, read more about this below.

The infection control rules require a minimum distance of 1 meter between each person. This means that the number of people who can be gathered in the various teaching rooms has been halved in proportion to the capacity listed in the room overview / scheduling system.

Recording equipment in 120 lecture rooms

A number of new lecture rooms are equipped for recording and streaming of the physical teaching taking place in the room. Recording of the teaching can then be shared with all the students on the course afterwards, via Mitt UiB.

Privacy policy for video recording and streaming

Please read updated privacy guidelines for digital education if you are going to record physical education in order to post on Mitt UiB in retrospect, or want to stream directly in real time. We have also developed special guidelines for digital, clinical teaching and treatment in the health professions subjects.

Note: Guidelines are currently in Norwegian only. 

Physical, digital eller hybrid teaching?

Seminars, group teaching and other formats that emphasize student active learning, dialogue, collaboration and feedback should, according to the common adopted principles, be prioritized for physical education. If you have large student groups on a subject, you must consider which teaching can be done physically and which should be organized digitally. 

Whether the teaching is to take place physically, digitally or in some cases as a hybrid solution must also be considered based on what you want the students to do and get out of the teaching session. For some types of learning activities, physical gathering will be most suitable, while for other types of learning activities digital teaching may work just as good.

You will find pedagogical recommendations and user guides in Mitt UiB: Hybrid Teaching and Learning 

User manuals, training and support

User manuals

You will find user manuals for Kaltura, Zoom and Video Note in Mitt UiB

Courses and training

UiB Learning Lab, the IT-department and the University Pedagogy Program Unit offers online webinars around the semester start, on how to use the different tools and on how to facilitate digital and hybrid teaching and learning as good as possible. 

All students will also get access to a newly developed Online course in Digital tools, methods, and technology to enhance learning. The course will be available to all students by semester start, and it will be an advantage if also teachers get themselves familiar with the information the students receive here.


Any requests can be made Support Team in UiB Learning Lab. 

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