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Panopto - Recording and editing for educational videos

Panopto replaces Kaltura as a service for recording, storing and sharing teaching videos in Mitt UiB.

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Kristoffer Eik / Unsplash - Soundtrap

Main content

During the spring of 2023, UiB introduced Panopto as a new video system. Panopto will repalce Kaltura, which has been used for My Videos in Mitt UiB. The functionality of the system, and the integration in Mitt UiB, will largely be the same as before.

Kaltura will continue to operate throughout the year 2023. Videos that exist in Kaltura today will be transferred to Panopto. Starting this summer, all new video content must be produced in Panopto, while old videos will still be available in kaltura until 31 December 2023.

What is Panopto?

  • Integrated solution for sharing teaching videos in Mitt UiB
  • Can be used as an independent service for storing media files without going through Mitt UiB
  • With Panopto, you can easily record multiple video sources with the Panopto app for Windows and Mac
  • With Panopto Browser Capture, you can record the screen directly from the browser, without installing any software
  • Sharing inside and outside Mitt UiB is done easily and can be adjusted at both video and folder level

Video Captions

Panopto has a built-in tool for automatic captioning, which is an important step in the direction of universal design. The automatic captions will not be perfect, and especially in Norwegian it will have some limitations. But the captions can be easily edited, and will greatly simplify the work of subtitling educational videos.

Automatic deletion

As a general rule, educational videos must be deleted when they no longer serve their purpose. To avoid collecting videos that are no longer to be used, UiB introduces routines for automatic deletion. The default setting will be for a video to be deleted 13 months after the last viewing. If you still want to keep the video, it can be saved for longer. You can also download your own videos and save them locally if you wish.

Transfer of videos from Kaltura

All existing Kaltura videos will be copied to Panopto. Everyone who owns Kaltura videos will have their own Panopto folder created. There are also some limitations with this solution:

  • Only the owner of a video will have access to it after the transfer. E. g. if a video have shared editing access, this must be shared again after transfer.
  • Videos that are integrated into specific courses and pages must be re-entered via Panopto. We will share a simple guide on how to do this. As mentioned earlier, existing Kaltura content will continue as normal until 2023.
  • Kaltura videos that contain Quizzes will not retain the Quiz. Panopto does not support this

Privacy and data protection

When making educational videos, it is important to follow UiB's guidelines for Privacy and data protection

How do I get started?

Whether you're familiar with Kaltura or not, you'll get started quickly with Panopto. There is a course in  MittUiB for detailed introduction and step-by-step instructions.