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Recording and streaming of lectures (Videonote)

Recorded lectures (videonotes) will give the students a chance to review lectures or function as a personal aid in preparing for seminars, assignments and exams.

Screendump of videonotes. The student can choose to see one or both videos, and zoom in on each video.
Screendump of videonotes. The student can choose to see one or both videos, and zoom in on each video.

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Many teaching rooms at UiB are equipped with an automatic service for recording and streaming in a given time period (Videonote). The service is integrated in Mitt UiB and is connected to the individual courses thorough their scheduled teaching in the respective rooms in the scheduling system (TP). 

We encourage all lecturers to follow user instructions given in the rooms. If problems, contact the IT assistants first, then report issue to UiB learning lab through UiB Hjelp

How to use Videonote

Book your recording
Series of lectures and courses should also be planned and booked in rooms with fixed recording equipment.

To book a recording of a lecture, the teachers can enter the planning page of "Videonotat" in the courses in Mitt UiB. If you are a teacher in the course you get to a planning page where you can add or remove recordings in rooms equipped for Videonote. You have two options: Record and Record and stream.

Sometimes lecturers book rooms with Videonote for recording lectures without students present. If you hide these lectures in TP to avoid notices in the timetable making students show up, you will not have the opportunity to order a video note in Mitt UiB. One way to work around this is to order Videonote in Mitt UiB before checking for hiding the lecture in TP. If the lesson is already hidden, remove the hiding temporarily until you can order recording / streaming in MittUiB. The students will be able to see the notice in the timetable, but only for a short time until concealment is activated.

During the lecture
After booking, the recording and streaming is completely automated. The recordings are made according to the course calendar, and starts 1 minute after the lecture starts, and ends when the leceture is over. This also applies to live-streaming if booked.

NB! The lecturer must use the microphone in the room, if not, the recording/stream will not include sound. If there are no loose microphones in the room, the room is equipped with a room-microphone that records the sound in the room. If the lecturer desires to be part of the video he/she must stand in front of the room. The camera is locked in one position, and will not follow movement or zoom in or out. Students can zoom in and out during playback.

Infection contol regarding technical equipment in teaching areas

Occupational Health service at the University of Berge has made protective measures in teaching areas.

Accessing and sharing the recording 
All recordings are available for the students when clicking "Videonotat" in the respective course in Mitt UiB. Teachers can share a link to the respective live-videos and recordings, that is generated by clicking the link-icon. Teachers can see the same view by clicking “See videos” on the planning page. Lecturers can unpublish recorded lectures from the planning page.

Streaming is an additional service that allows the teaching that is recorded also is streamed live to the students. The recording that is booked and starts automatically will at the same time be streamed live.

Do not use videonotes for teaching that requires or depends on interaction among your students. The delay to the stream makes it almost impossible to interact in realtime. 

Cancelled teaching or swapped location
If your cancel the teaching or swap the location, the recording and streaming MUST be canceled in Mitt UiB. Another recording can be booked if the new room supports Videonote. The cancellation must be done prior to the scheduled teaching. The camera is automatically activated in the rooms that have booked Videonote, and there is a risk that other users of the room is recorded without consent. This might be GDPR non-compliant.

Cancel recording in Mitt UiB
Use the Videonotat link in the actual course, choose "slett"

Help and support
IT-assistants at the faculties are available to give support on site, with microphones or other equipment in the rooms. Other queries can be sent to the UiB Learning lab.

Privacy considerations and obligation to inform the students

As a lecturer, you are required to inform the students that your teaching is recorded and streamed when using the videonote service, see guidelines for privacy during digital teaching and learning, chapter 4.

Make the students aware of the following, for example through the course-page in Mitt UiB:

“The teaching in this course will be streamed and recorded. The recordings will be available for the members of the course, e.g. students, teachers and administrative staff. The recordings will be available until all assessment in the course is completed

The streaming and recording starts one minute after the teaching is scheduled to start, and runs until the teaching is scheduled to end, including the break. You as a student, will normally not be seen or heard on the video, unless you move in front of the camera or speak close to the microphone. UiB will arrange the teaching rooms to reduce the risk of being unintentionally caught on video or sound.

NB! Do not distribute the stream/recording with anyone. It is a violation of the copyright act and can be a infringement on the privacy of others.”

This section of this page will be linked to from the videonote-overview in MittUiB. 

Rooms equipped with Videonote

See list of rooms equipped with videonote. The list is continiously updated as soon as the rooms are ready to use.

Rooms where work is in progress

The list is continiously updated as soon as the rooms are fixed. 



Stort audDue to an unknown error, randomly some of the recordings might be shorter or fail.  We are 
troubleshooting to solve the issue.
Allégaten 66AUD AReady for use but due to unknown recording issue, recording of projector is replaced by an extra camera. One camera shows presenter and the schreen, and the other shows the blacboard on the left side.

Re-use old recordings

Recordings made in previous semesters are available for reuse, contact the UiB learning lab for more info.