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It is time to submit proposals of candidates for this years`s Election of Department Board for group B and D

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It is time to submit proposals for candidates for this year's Department Board elections for groups B and D. The candidates are elected for one year.

The following applies: 

  • The proposal must be in writing.
  • It must be signed by at least the same number of proposers as the number of candidates the proposal contains.
  • The proposer must meet the criteria for voting rights.
  • No one can sign more than one proposal.
  • The proposed ones must be electable.
  • Candidates nominated have agreed to stand for election.
  • If a proposed candidate who can claim exemption from election, the proposal shall be accompanied by the written consent of the person concerned.
  • Candidates must understand Norwegian (well).

The proposal must have been submitted no later than 12:00 p.m. on March 5, 2024.
Send proposals for group B to to both gry.parker@uib.no (secretary of the election board) and solveig.vasstveit@uib.no (contact person at the department).

Send proposals for group D to  luknu1296@uib.no.

Here is a link to the census for Gr. B  https://manntall.app.uib.no/ansatt/
Here is a link to the census for Gr. D  https://manntall.app.uib.no/student/

For criteria on voting rights and eligibility, see Election regulations for the University of Bergen — Valgreglement for Universitetet i Bergen — Regelsamlingen documentation (uib.no)

Group B = temporary staff in academic positions: 2 members and 2 deputy representatives
Group D = students: 3 members and 2 deputy representatives