Department of Mathematics

MAT101 or MAT111

For those who have the freedom to choose, here is some information about the courses.

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New students with a science based study programme have a mathematics course in their first semester. Some of the study programmes have been designed such that the students should take MAT111, while others have the choice between MAT101 - Elementary Calculus I and MAT111 - Calculus I.

Both courses constitute 10 study points in a degree, i.e. they have the same workload. They overlap with 5 study points, such that if you take both courses, then you only get 15 study points.

MAT101 is meant to be a complete unit and can be selected for many directions in biology, geology, and chemistry.

Most advanced courses in mathematics build upon MAT111, and anyone planning to study mathematics, informatics, physics, meteorology, or oceanography should have MAT111 in their curriculum. In any case, you will find directions in all sciences where a strong knowledge of mathematics is necessary.

The presentation of the mathematics in MAT101 is at a more elementary level that in MAT111. The contents of MAT101 is largely given by examples and usage. In MAT111, a greater emphasis is placed on proving the results.

The choice of material in the two courses have much in common, but the selection is broader in MAT101 that in MAT111. For instance, some material about functions of several variables is included in MAT101, but MAT111 goes through the material in more detail. Both courses repeat some material from upper secondary school, but MAT111 has less repetition and has a faster tempo than MAT101.

For further studies in science, it is MAT111 that opens all the doors. Thus, the majority with a good 3MX should chose MAT111.