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Statistics is a field within mathematics that deals with the principles and methods for collecting and analyzing quantitative information, based on models and concepts from probability theory. With statistical methods, one can explore datasets to find patterns and make forecasts, and to estimate uncertainties. In recent times, when large amounts of data are often available, several of these are closely linked to methods in machine learning. In today's society where data is stored and generated all the time, there is a growing need for statisticians.

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We are in charge of the following degree programs:

Within the MSc in Statistics we offer three specializations: mathematical statistics, data analysis and finance theory and insurance mathematics.

Actuarial science concerns problems in insurance and finance and the use of statistical and mathematical methods to solve these. As an actuary, you analyze the risk and financial effects of future events. And as one of two institutions in Norway, UoB offer the option to apply for a certificate of actuary.

An education in statistics and actuarial science gives you a future-oriented and sought-after competence that provides many job opportunities. Today, statisticians and actuaries work in life insurance, non-life insurance, finance, asset management, medical research environments, industry, oil and gas and public administration and research.


The group are actively involved in several areas of research within statistics, such as:

  • Biostatistics
  • Computational statistics
  • Time series
  • Statistical learning and data science
  • Probability theory
  • Financial and insurance mathematics

You can read more about our activities on the links provided below. There you will also find a document with a list of all our publications in 2012-2022.

The group is one of the largerst academic community of statisticians in Norway, and we collaborate with researchers at several other deparments at UoB and other institutions both nationally and internationally.


Tentativ program Statistics Seminar spring 2023

More information about the seminars (time, location, title, etc) is announced via our email-list about one week in advance. Contact Stein Andreas Bethuelsen in case you wish to be added to the list.


Previous seminars:

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