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During the PhD candidate period

Administrative tasks during the PhD-candidate period.

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When to apply to the Board for Doctoral Education

You must submit a written application, recommended by your principal supervisor, to the Board for Doctoral Education if:

  • You want to make changes in your training component part(s) one and/or two.
  • You want to extend your candidate periode. Be aware that the Department of Mathematics does not have financial means to provide salaried extension of the study periode. However, the department can extend the study-right periode.
  • There are considerable changes in the conditions described in your PhD agreement.

Half-annual PhD registration

All candidates are obliged to complete the half-annual PhD registration in studentweb. The deadline is 1 February for spring semester and 1 September for autumn semester.

Annual progress report

All candidates and supervisors are obliged to submit the annual progress report distibuted by e-mail from Department for Research management. Deadline is 1 November.

Midway evaluations

As required by the Plan of Action for PhD education at the University of Bergen, the Department of Mathematics has implement a midway evaluations for all PhD candidates at the department. All PhD candidates must complete the evaluation at the mid-point of their PhD education.