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Degrees and diplomas

When you have completed a degree at the Faulty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences your diploma is automatically issued to you. This website contains important information about diplomas for master's degrees at the faculty. For information about bachelor's degrees, please refer to the Norwegian website.


Oppnådd grad
Magnus Svendsen Nerheim

Diploma for the Master's degree

The diplomas for master's degrees are printed consecutively after the result for the master's exam has been registered and the deadline for appealing the grade is passed. It will take a minimum of 4 weeks from the final exam date to the diploma is printed. Most master's diplomas are printed in the period July - August. If you need your diploma sooner, please contact vitnemal@mnfa.uib.no.

Courses on the diploma:

The master's degree contains a total of 120 ECTS credits. Most programs have 60 credits of courses and a 60 credits (one year) master's project. A few programs may have 90 credits of courses and 30 credits master's project.   


The diploma is only issued in Norwegian with the exception of a few international joint degrees. You cannot choose to have your diploma issued in English. You are always sent a diploma supplement along with the diploma. The diploma supplement is always in English and contains the same information as the diploma. If you need the actual diploma translated, you will have to use an authorized translator and you will need to cover the expenses yourself.

Date of qualification:   

Date of qualification will be the date of the final master's exam.

Delivering the diploma:

If nothing else is agreed the diploma is sent to your semester address on Studentweb. It is therefore important that you keep this address updated so the diploma is not returned to us due to an unknown address.