Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences

The leader of the evaluation committee - PhD degree

Check list for the leader of the evaluation committee

  1. Contact committee members as soon as possible
  2. Decide time and date for the defence (if this is not already decided)- Mail to the ph.d. coordinator at the department
  3. 3 weeks before defence – Send the evaluation report to the ph.d. coordinator at the department
  4. Trial lecture - Topic announced to candidate (10 workdays before)

Day of the defence – send to the ph.d. coordinator at the department:

  1. Evaluation report with 3 original signatures
  2. Final report from the defence with 3 original signatures

If you have any questions, please contact the ph.d. coordinator at the department or the faculty coordinator disputas@mnfa.uib.no or tel 55 58 34 88

The written evaluation

The work with the written evaluation is administered by the leader of the evaluation committee. More information on the report can be found here.

AT LEAST 3 WEEKS BEFORE PLANNED DEFENCE a joint evaluation report (individual statements of the opponents can be enclosed) about the thesis must be sent to the PhD coordinator at the department. The report must be signed by all committee members.

If there is not enough time to collect original signatures from all the committee members, the opponents can either:

1. sign the evaluation report, scan and send by e-mail to you, or

2. sign the evaluation report and send it to you by fax

Scanned/faxed documents must be signed by the committee leader before sending the report to the department.

The department will send the evaluation report to the faculty. The faculty will send the report to the candidate who is given two weeks to comment on the report.

At the public defence you must make sure that the evaluation report is signed in original by all three committee members and sent to the PhD coordinator at the department if this is not done previously.

Day of the defence

Immediately after the defence, the evaluation committee must sign a statement (final report) confirming whether the candidate has successfully passed the defence (and trial lecture if relevant). The statement must be signed by all three members of the committee. It is the committee leader’s responsibility that the signed statement (final report) is sent to the PhD coordinator at the department after the defence. A statement template can be found here.

Practical information

We ask that you, in cooperation with the department, assist the committee members in booking hotel rooms if necessary. A completed travel subsistence form should be sent to the department along with relevant receipts.

The opponents will also receive a standard monetary remuneration for their work. They will be sent the necessary forms from the department, and these must be returned to the department before the defence.