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Singled out as research leaders

Four young researchers will each receive between NOK 12-15 million so that they can start their own research groups at the university. They are the winners of this year’s award from the Bergen Research Foundation’s (BFS) recruitment programme.

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Morten Førre has been employed as a Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the Department of Physics and Technology and is currently a guest researcher at the University of Bordeaux 1. Førre will use the funding from the Bergen Research Foundation to launch a new research project within the optical physics group at the Department of Physics and Technology. The goal of the project is to develop theory to describe the dynamics of matter when interacting with the new superintense and ultra-short laser sources that are currently being developed world-wide. Such light sources are expected to play a central role in future imaging technology. With the new super-fast 50 Tflops, CRAY XT4 computing facility at the University of Bergen and a new software package that is currently being developed in the Bergen Computational Quantum Physics Group, Førre sees a unique possibility to study complex quantum mechanical processes that have until now been out of reach for modelling.

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