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Information for new students

On this page you will find important information for new students at the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences

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Welcome to the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences! On this website you will find useful information specific to students at this faculty. Please refer to the Checklist for new international students for an overview of the steps you need to go through as a new student.

Departments and courses

DepartmentLocation (Number on Campus Map) / ContactCourses
Department of Biological SciencesThormøhlens gate 53 a and b (3) / studie@bio.uib.no BIO/MOL-courses
Department of InformaticsBergen High Technology Centre (1) / studieveileder@ii.uib.noINF-courses
Department of Earth SciencesScience Building (8) / studieveileder@geo.uib.noGEOV-courses
Department of ChemistryScience Building (8) / studieveileder@kj.uib.noKJEM-courses
Department of MathematicsScience Building (8) / studieveileder@math.uib.noMAT/STAT-courses
Department of Physics and TechnologyBjørn Trumpy’s house (6) / studie.fysikk@uib.no (physics) / studie.ptek@uib.no (PTEK)PHYS/PTEK-courses
Geophysical InstituteAllégaten 70 (5) / studieveileder@gfi.uib.noGEOF-courses

Information about courses (for exchange students)

There are three main types of courses at the faculty:

  • Open courses: Courses that don't have any formal requirements and don't have limited capacity due to lab or field trips. You can register for these courses yourself on Studentweb. Please note that although these courses don't have lab or field trips they can occationally fill up.
  • Courses with limited capacity: Sign up for these courses before the deadline (wednesday week 33/week 3) and you will receive an email early the week after telling you whether or not you have been admitted to the course. If you are admitted to the course you can go on to Studentweb and register for the exam.
  • Courses with formal requirements: Advanced courses that require prevous knowledge of the subject area. If you want to register for one of these courses you will need to provide documentation that you fulfill the requirements. You should contact the department that owns the course if you want to do one of these courses and it has not been pre-approved. 

You will be prioritised on the courses on your letter of acceptance (those who have been pre-approved in the application process). We do recommend that you stick to the courses on your admission letter as much as possible.

If you need to make changes due to exam or schedule conflicts you should check the following before registering for a new course:

  • Course shedule 
  • Teaching language
  • Formal requirements
  • Exam date (wirtten exams) (if the course has an oral exam it will not be published online, it will be announced by the lecturer or published on MittUiB). 

If you have questions about courses or course registration please come and see us at the Student Information Centre or contact the relevant department directly.

Online Learning Agreement (for ERASMUS+ students)

The University of Bergen requires incoming Erasmus+ students to use the Online Learning Agreement. Read more abou how to fill this in.

Exam information

Exam information can be found on the course website for each course.

Rules and regulations: For more information about exam regulations see our faculty website. Here you can also find information about which calculator type is approved for the exams that allow a calculator.

Digital assessment: Many courses have digital assessment and you will be required to bring your own computer. If you don't have a suitable computer you can apply to borrow one from the university. Read more about digital assessment here.

Do you need special arrangements for the exam? You can find information and application form here.

Library resources and printing services

The Science Library is located in the new Learning Centre in the Science Building.

Books can be ordered from the Science Library website.

Printing services:

In order to print or scan documents you need to top up money on your student card. This can be done by logging on to the website payprint.uib.no. You need to be logged on via an on Campus computer or via VPN for the payprint website to work. If you have problems with the printing services you can visit the IT assistant in the Science Building. They are sitting in the Learning Centre close to the entrance by Real Café.

More information about printing services and how to top up your student card here.

Library course

A library course will be held at the start of the semester. The date will be announced in good time before the course. We strongly recommend this course to our new students. 

In this workshop we will help you to develop literature skills necessary for writing a scholarly assignment. We will cover what scientific literature is and how you can find it using the library services at UiB. We will also cover how to conduct a smart search and how to cite your sources according to academic standards required at UiB. 

Registration for the course will be sent on e-mail to new, international students. 

Information meetings for new master students

There are information meetings for all new master programmes, find out when on the study programme pages. These are mandatory to attend for new master students.

Checklist for new master students