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Espen N. Vaular, Department of Chemistry, defended his PhD thesis on 26. May 2011. Valuar has participated in the GEO-lead "Gas hydrates on the Norwegian-Barents Sea-Svalbard margin"-project (NFR-Petromaks)
Martin Wiech has finished his master's thesis on guppy behaviour.
Depth-dependent extension, two-stage breakup and cratonic underplating at rifted margins
Our gyppy lab got its one minute of fame when the Minister of Fisheries and Coastal Affairs, Lisbeth Berg-Hansen, was visiting University of Bergen on April 27th.
Christian Autenried stayed in the Analysis group as an Erasmus student during the academic year 2010-2011, and on 11th of April he traveled back to Munich, Germany.
One more student from the Analysis Group has defended his master's thesis! His name is Qifan Li and he is our third excellent student in all senses. He worked excellently and got an excellent grade. Congratulations!
Professor Irina Markina has won a grant of the Norwegian Research Council (NFR) in the nomination FRINAT.
UiB researchers from a number of departments and centres are investigating various aspects of CO2 leakage. CGB researchers are also highly involved.
CGB is participating in the Norwegian Ocean Observatory Network (NOON), which met recently in Bergen to discuss plans.
(fra UiB Aktuelt) Eit nytt havobservatorium på havbotnen i Norskehavet vil gje forskarane sanntidsdata rett inn på kontoret. Observatoriet kan fylle kunnskapsgap om havet for fleire fagdisiplinar.
(fra På Høyden) Forskere planlegger å etablere observatorier i dyphavene utenfor Norskekysten som skal fjernsende data kontinuerlig til land. – Dette er neste generasjons infrastruktur, sier prosjektleder Peter M. Haugan om prestisjeprosjektet.
You are invited ... to take a masters in Geobiology!
We are frantically preparing for the "Master Day" of the Biology Department on Thursday, March 17.
Free software for mac, iphone and ipad
A new webpage for the Norwegian Society of Magnetic Resonance (NSMR) is now available. Become a member of NSMR.