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The International Continental Scientific Drilling Program (ICDP) has recently started a drilling campaign in the Dead Sea looking for evidence of life in an extreme hypersaline environment.
Our guppy experiment is set up to study life-history changes caused by harvesting. This involves monitoring of the populations, and harvesting at regular intervals. Now it is the time for the third harvest.
The Norwegian Research Council interviewed Fabian Zimmermann about his work in fisheries bioeconomics.
Jo Brendryen defended his PhD-thesis 07. January 2011 at the Department of Earth Science, University of Bergen.
Mikko Heino from EvoFish is featuring in the video "The case of the shrinking cod", a part of the award-winning website "Evolution of life".
Mohammad Reza Saberi defended his PhD thesis Tuesday 9th of November 2010 at the Department of Earth Science, University of Bergen.
Two new papers on Loewner theory published as a result of collaboration with the University of Seville
CGB Director, Rolf Birger Pedersen is interviewed in New Scientist about some of the latest discoveries on Earth's deep biosphere.
Ved den nordeuropeiske finalen i programmering for studenter i 2010 ble UiB sitt førstelag best av alle norske lag.
The paper presents the 2008 discovery of Loki’s Castle, the most northerly identified black smoker yet identified, and its unique vent fauna.
CGB researcher is an expert participant on an IODP cruise to the South Pacific.
A postcard from our Czech Erasmus student Vendula Exnerová
Fedor Fomin from the Department of informatics receives 2.2 million Euros from ERC.
Produced by the well-known French nature documentary producer Jacques Perrin, the film "Oceans" is being previewed next Tuesday at BIFF.
BBC Science and Environment News highlights a recent article written by Daniel Fliegel et al in Earth and Planetary Science Letters.
Jesper Nederlof, PhD student at the Algorithms research group of the Department of Informatics, gets Excellent Student Paper award for his accepted contribution to the conference IPEC 2010.