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CGB researcher is an expert participant on an IODP cruise to the South Pacific.
A postcard from our Czech Erasmus student Vendula Exnerová
Fedor Fomin from the Department of informatics receives 2.2 million Euros from ERC.
Produced by the well-known French nature documentary producer Jacques Perrin, the film "Oceans" is being previewed next Tuesday at BIFF.
BBC Science and Environment News highlights a recent article written by Daniel Fliegel et al in Earth and Planetary Science Letters.
Jesper Nederlof, PhD student at the Algorithms research group of the Department of Informatics, gets Excellent Student Paper award for his accepted contribution to the conference IPEC 2010.
Hvilken rolle har studieadministrasjonen i dag, og hva bør den være? Hvordan kan studieadministrasjonen (SA) ved Det matematisk-naturvitenskapelige fakultet, Universitetet i Bergen best understøtte studentenes suksess og det vitenskapelig personalets tid til forskning? Med andre ord; hva bør være SA sine viktigste oppgaver slik at den bidrar optimalt til at Universitetet i Bergen skal nå sine mål... Read more
BIO researcher, Frede Thingstad, was awarded the Research Council of Norway's prize for research excellence.
The bearded goby seems to possess remarkable, even super-hero-like qualities.
Using mobile phones to document research observations.
“Marine Macrofauna – systematics and taxonomy” was the somewhat dry title of the course, a title not at all reflecting the enthusiasm students and teachers showed facing the diverse and fascinating marine fauna of the Swedish west coast.
A series of seminars of the Analysis group.
Last night the Bergen Research Foundation (BFS) awarded its annual awards, which are aimed at recruiting outstanding young researchers.
– watch your pronunciation!
Keys to success in EU projects: think long-term, engage in pre-call discussions, network.