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Next Tuesday, September 8, Dept. of Mathematics, room 640 at 14.15
Over sixty students filled the little auditorium at BIO to learn more about how to approach thesis writing. Associate Professor Karen Lunsford from the University of California, Santa Barbara actively engaged them in a series of short exercises addressing issues of writer’s block and controlling information flow.
Det norske forskningsskuta "G.O. Sars" havner i klasse med verdens største containerskip og bilfrakteverktøy i dokumentaren "Mighty Ships".
Ksenia Lavrichenko is a new master student in the Analysis Group
Elena Belyaeva is a new master student in the Analysis Group.
Here are some comments after one course: A great way to kick-start the academic year! Wonderful opportunity to network build! I got new ideas about how to proceed with my own project!
Blue tits use medicinal plants to disinfect their nests, scientists have discovered.
Ole Brix and Ivar Rønnestad et al have just published an article entitled, “Whether depositing fat or losing weight, fish maintain a balance” in the Proceedings of TheRoyal Society Biological Sciences. the article was selected as a “highlighted paper”.
DNA-sequencing gives us the possibility to study the genetic code of all living organisms. Many researchers today take advantage of developments in molecular biology technology that have led to the development of massive parallel pyrosequencing.
Journal "Evolutionary Applications" has published a special issue "Toward Darwinian Fisheries Management", based on the symposium EvoFish organized in 2008.
CGB researchers re-visited Loki's Castle, the world's northernmost identified Black Smoker, and Håkon Mosby Mud Volcano. This year Discovery channel was also onboard.
For his research on mathematical and numerical analysis of issues related to CO2 storage in the sea bottom.
Researchers from the MAR-ECO project at again at sea over the mid-Atlantic Ridge, first for a 40-day cruise aboard the new NOAA Research Vessel, the Henry B. Bigelow and then for six weeks aboard the newest English research vessel, the James Cook.
CGB will be taking an active role in an Astrobiology summer school addressing these issues 29 June-13 July 2009. Professor Nils-Kåre Birkeland will be one of the lecturers, lecturing on the "Genetics of thermophiles" and the "Molecular basis of the stability of biomoleculees in hot environments". Researcher Ida Helene Steen and research assistant Solveig Hoem are leading some... Read more
Guest researcher and mineralogist Beata Smieja-Król says that peatland is only interesting when it is polluted!
This spring there have been a number of notices in the weekly update from the Research Council of Norway about funding programmes that support student and faculty exchanges with both Germany and France. BIO researcher, Christiane Todt, recently participated in a German exchange and highly recommends the experience.
Professor Lise Øvreås is participating in a research cruise in the Lau basin, east of Fiji, where scientists are investigating extreme organisms living around the hydrothermal vents found there.