Department of Biological Sciences (BIO)

Research at MBI

MBI has developed competences for research on proteins, ranging from studies of small petides such as peptide toxins, a variety of enzymes and regulatory proteins, to large macromolecular assemblies such as protein folding machines and chromatin.

We study the proteins and other biomolecules, such as lipids, phospholipids and vitamine-derived metabolites, using experimental approaches such as biophysics and structural studies, biochemical and molecular characterisation of purified proteins, and functional studies in live model systems including bacteria, yeasts, zebrafish, and different cell culture systems.

We also use molecular modelling and other approaches within computational biology and bioinformatics. Some of us investigate biopsiy material from patients while some study pathogen-host interactions. Most of our projects are biomedically motivated, while others target problems in aquaculture and other areas of molecular life science. Four of our research groups are involved in molecular cancer research. 


Research projects in our department can be grouped in three focus areas

  • Protein structure and function relations
  • Signalling and regulation in biological systems
  • Computational biology and bioinformatics


Scientific Advisory Board (SAB)

  • Professor Sarah Teichmann, The Sanger Institute & EBI, Cambrdige, UK
  • Professor Dan Hultmark, Umeå Centre for Molecular Pathogenesis (UCMP), Umeå, Sweden
  • Professor Odd Stokke Gabrielsen, Department of Molecular Biosciences, University of Oslo, Norway

Previous members of MBI's SAB:

  • Professor Knud H. Nierhaus (1941-2016), Max-Planck-Institute for Molecular Genetics, Germany
  • Professor Terje Johansen, Department of Medical Biology, University of Tromsø, Norway