Department of Molecular Biology

How to get started

Welcome to MBI! At this point, you should be employed or in the process of being employed as a PhD-fellow at Department of Molecular Biology (MBI), or at a cooperating institution. Either way, you will be affiliated with the Department of Molecular Biology through the PhD-programme. We wish you all the best, and hope you will find the PhD period challenging, exciting and rewarding.


The Department of Molecular Biology has an assigned PhD-student advisor:

Knut Olav Daasvatn, knut.daasvatn@mbi.uib.no, tel. 55 58 45 03

You will find me in the 5th floor, Biobuilding, HIB (Thormølensgt. 55), behind the reception (room 521B1).



The university has gathered all information regarding PhD studies at the PhD - Doctoral Education homepage

There is also some faculty-specific regulations, forms and so on, and you will find those at the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences Doctoral education homepage



Approval of foreign education/degree

Please note that before you can apply for the PhD-programme, your foreign degree will have to be formally acknowledged by the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences. Usually this is done in connection with your employment, but please contact Ingrid Solhøy at the Faculty – Ingrid.Solhoy@mnfa.uib.no, tel 55 58 20 65. She will be able to tell you if your education has in fact been acknowledged or not, and how to proceed if not.


Practical issues

The University of Bergen has a Service centre for International Mobility at UiB which will be on hand to help non-Norwegian staff with relocation issues.  If you do not find the information you need there, please contact the student advisor and we will do what we can to help you.



Please note that the process of employment and the process of admittance to the PhD-programme are separate.  This means that after being employed, you still have to submit a separate application for admittance to the PhD-programme.

You will find information on the PhD-programme at the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, including regulations and application form for the programme. Please look through the regulations and the form, then contact the PhD-student advisor who will help you with the form.

Doctoral training at the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences

Please note that all applicants for the PhD-programme at MBI will be asked to present their project to the local PhD-committee.




As a PhD-student at the Department of Molecular Biology, you become a part of the Molecular and Computational Biology Research School (MCB)

MCB offers a series of intensive research courses (1-2 weeks, 2-4 ECTs) covering topics relevant to research at the partner sites (the Depts. Of Molecular Biology, Biomedicin and Informatics, and the Computational Biology Unit (CBU) and Sars International Centre for Marine Molecular Biology. In addition MCB offer a course in scientific writing (2-3 days), a 2-day introductory course, and series of short courses (usually a half day) covering various supportive topics such as experimental design and analysis, biostatistics, popularization of research, commercialisation of research, visual and oral presentations and more. Finally, MCB will provide you with a useful network giving you insight and access to relevant research, people and fascilities within the fields of Molecular and Computational Biology in Bergen.




It usually makes sense to get started doing courses for the training component of your PhD as soon as possible. First of all you may need the competence you gain from the courses in your project. Secondly, the courses will put you in contact with other people within your field of interest, which is always helpful. Thirdly, being able to finish the training component fairly early in the PhD-period will make the final stages of the PhD-work more manageable.



Please note that there is a deadline for registering for courses at the beginning of each term, usually around August 15th for the fall term, and in the first week of January for the spring term. PLEASE CHECK THE DATE WITH THE STUDY ADVISOR, THESE DATES ARE NOT ALWAYS PUBLISHED IN THE STUDENT's HOMEPAGE. There is another formal deadline for registering for exams, usually September 1st and February 1st. Please register as early as possible – some courses have limitations with regard to the number of students allowed.

Fall courses usually start around 15th August, spring courses in the first or second week of January. Often, the first lecture is mandatory, so it is important not to miss it. Please check the schedule in the Student Portal, and contact the contact person listed if you can not find the starting date or if it is not possible for you to attend the first lecture.



Student's webtools/homepages

The International Students UiB-homepage provides you with information on available courses, semester registration and general information regarding studying at the University of Bergen.


From this website you can also access StudentWeb. You use StudentWeb to do the mandatory semester registration, to register for courses, and to sign up or withdraw from exams. To have access to the StudentWeb, you need to have an IT-account at the university, and student status (either as PhD-student or as “pre-PhD” – see below.

Direct link to StudentWeb: http://students.uib.no/?mode=show_page&link_id=17&toplink_id=17

From the Student Portal you can also access MySpace. In MySpace you will find updated information regarding the courses you sign up for – time schedules, course materials and so on are published here. Please note that you are generally expected to keep yourself updated, you will usually not receive notification when new information is published.

Direct link to MySpace: https://miside.uib.no

If you find it difficult to find your way or to use these webtools, please contact the PhD-advisor.


Starting up – pre PhD-status

For many PhD-students, their formal acceptance to the PhD-programs may take place after the deadline for registration. You will then be granted a temporary “pre-PhD” student status, which will allow you to sign up for courses. If you plan to take courses during your first semester of employment, please contact the PhD-advisor to make sure you get a “pre-PhD” student status.


Non-coded courses (research courses)

Please note that the research school (MCB) and others offer shorter research courses that give ECTs which can be used in the training component of your PhD. For these courses, there are usually separate registration deadlines, and registration is also usually independent of your formal student status (meaning you can register before you get your formal student status).