Faculty of Medicine

IBM receives 7 out of 9 grants

The Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry received a total of 9 the Research Council of Norway’s FRMEDBIO grants last week. 7 of them go to researches at the Department of Biomedicine.

Illustrasjonsbilde forskning
Researches at the Department of Biomedicine received a total number of seven prestigious grants from the Research Council of Norway.
Ingvild Festervoll Melien

- I think it is fantastic that so many from IBM and our faculty got FRIMEDBIO this year, taking into account that the success rate is so low, says one of the receivers, Aurora Martinez.

She’s been given a one of the highly competitive Researcher Project grant for her project:  “The physiological and therapeutic regulation of protein-protein interactions for functional dopamine synthesis”.

Basic science

Her colleague, Agnete Engelsen, receives a so called mobility grant for very promising early career researchers. These grants have a timeframe of three years: Two years abroad and one year in Norway.

- I’m thrilled there is a funding for basic science! she exclaims. 

Out of the 6 receivers, 5 are women.

- The leakage of women from research during the postdoc to group leader phase continues, especially in the natural sciences and medicine, so these kinds of funding mean a lot, says Aurora Martinez.

Her colleague Engelsen agrees:

- To me it is pretty inspirational that so many researchers in one place got funded, and if this year's success rate at the Department of Biomedicine inspires more women to stay in science that would be great! she says.

Focus on recruiting and internationalization

- I think the focus that IBM has had on recruiting and internationalization is crucial for the research quality and success, says Aurora Martinez.

Here’s a full list of the receivers at the IBM:

  • Professor Aurora Martinez, “The physiological and therapeutic regulation of protein-protein interactions for functional dopamine synthesis”  
  • Professor Margaret Lin Veruki, “Beyond the synapse: The role of extrasynaptic receptors in a retinal microcircuit”
  • Professor Ruth Brenk, “Chartering chemical space of riboswitch ligands - towards future antibiotics”
  • Professor Helge Wiig, “New actors in blood pressure regulation - The extracellular microenvironment, immunecells and lymphatics in skin”
  • Professor Inari Kursula, “Understanding the molecular mechanism of Plasmodium actin-based gliding motility”
  • Agnete Svendsen Engelsen, “Impact of epithelial cell plasticity programs on the anti-tumor immune-response”
  • Frode Berven, «Arrangering av Nordisk Proteomikk Konferanse på Svalbard 2017»

For a full list of the FRIMEDBIO grant receivers, see: http://www.uib.no/mofa/103358/fakultetet-kaprer-9-av-22-forskningsr%C3%A5dsstipend  (only in Norwegian)