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Falch Lecture and Awards: Fred "Rusty" Gage

Don't miss this years Falch Lecture with Fred "Rusty" Gage at the Faculty Day 8th. June!

Fred "Rusty" Gage
FALCH LECTURE: This years Falch Lecture is with Prof. "Rusty" Gage.
Salk Institute, California

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Prof. Gage works at Salk Institute, California, and is famous for his revolutionary discovery that the adult human brain generates new nerve cells throughout life. His research sheds light into how stem cells may be used therapeutically to reinstate funcion in brain regions damaged by stroke or neurodegenerative disorders such as Alzheimer's Disease and Parkinson's Disease. Read more on Salk Insitutes website: http://www.salk.edu/scientist/rusty-gage/

At the Faculty Day the Faculty will also hand out the Falch's Senior Award and for excellent leadership in medical research the Falch's Junior Award for best researcher under the age of 40. Read more about the Falch Lecture and Falch Awards on this webiste: https://www.uib.no/en/mofa/108228/falch-lecture-and-awards

We will also hand out the Faculty's own awards: "Best Ph. D" and "Best Research Group", among others. 

Where: Stort Auditorium, Haukeland University Hospital

The lecture and presentations will be in English

Full programme:


Welcome – Dean Nina Langeland


Falch’s Senior Award 2017

Lecture by the winner of Falch’s Senior Award – Kenneth Dickstein


Falch’s Junior Award 2017

Lecture by the winner of Falch’s Junior Award – Bjørn Egil Vikse


Falch Lecturer 2017 - Fred Gage

"Function and Regulation of Neurons born in the Adult Brain".


Photo session of all the award winners.

Pause med enkel servering.


Faculty of Medicine Awards:

- Årets ph.d.-arbeid - Inger Marie Løes, Department of Medical Science

- Studiekvalitetsprisen – Fagmiljøet i nukleærmedisin, Department of Clinical Medicine

- Årets forskningsgruppe -Lipidgruppen v/Rolf Berge, Department of Medical Science

- Prisen for internasjonalisering i studiene - MOOC – Occupational health in developing countries, Department of Global Public Health and Primary Care

- Årets forskningsformidler -Tone Elise Gjøtterud Henriksen, Department of Clinical Medicine

- Undervisningsprisen – Inger Lise Teig, Department of Global Public Health and Primary Care

- Årets publikasjon – «Myasthenia gravis» v/Nils Erik Gilhus, Department of Clinical Medicine


Closing notes – Dean Nina Langeland