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Researchers at the Faculty of Medicine can apply for funding to support research with innovative potential from national and international sources. If you have any questions about the calls, please do not hesitate to contact faculty advisors MEDforsk@uib.no.

Research Council of Norway

- Milestone Project – Research Commercialisation Project from Publicly Funded Research: A Milestone Project is a short-term Commercialisation Project undertaken to complete the next, most critical milestone phase in order to move along the long-term commercialisation pathway. The purpose is to clarify key questions essential for determining which course to pursue. The results from a completed Milestone Project may lay the foundation for a subsequent application for commercialisation support. Project proposals within all thematic areas are welcome to apply. This call for proposals is part of a collaborative effort between the BIOTEK2021, NANO2021, IKTPLUSS, Transport 2025, MAROFF, BIONÆR, SAMANSVAR and FORNY2020 programmes. The grant is for 500 000 NOK over a 3-12 month period. Deadline: open-ended.

Industrial Ph.D. Scheme – Doctoral Projects in Industry: The Industrial Ph.D. Scheme aims to boost research efforts and long-term competence-building for Norwegian trade and industry through the recruitment of doctoral candidates. The scheme is also intended to promote closer cooperation between the business sector and research organisations as a necessary step in promoting knowledge transfer from researchers to society at large, among other things. Deadline: open-ended.

- Public Sector Ph.D. Scheme – Doctoral Projects in Industry: The Public Sector Ph.D. Scheme (OFFPHD) is intended to expand research activities in public sector bodies, to increase researcher recruitment within the public sector and to promote greater collaboration between academia and the public sector. It is important that the doctoral project leads to new insights in areas where there is a great need for knowledge and innovation and supports the public entity’s R&D and innovation strategy.  Deadline: open-ended.

Horizon Europe



Centre for Digital Life Norway

Centre for Digital Life Norway - Research and innovation projects funded by directed calls in the Norwegian Research Council’s program Biotechnology for Innovation (BIOTEK2021) become a part of the centre. Project can in addition apply for project membership:

To become a part of the centre you should share the centre’s vision: "Significantly improve the innovation potential of Norwegian biotechnology to create economic growth and societal and environmental value the four thematic focus areas, marine, agricultural, industrial and medical, in which biotechnology can play a role in addressing societal challenges."