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Goodbye to UiB´s man in Tokyo

Hiroshi Matsumoto is leaving his position as UiB´s contact person in Japan at the end of June 2018.

Hiroshi Matsumoto is leaving his job as UiB´s man in Tokyo.
Hiroshi Matsumoto will start his own consulting office to stay involved in innovation activities. He has established several institutional partnerships between UiB and Japanese partners during the last 2 years.
Kim E. Andreassen

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During the two years as the UIB´s man in Tokyo, Hiroshi Matsumoto has followed the strategies and priorities of UiB research administrations.

“ Through strategic approaches, I could build institutional partnerships between UiB and Japanese universities and major research institutions,” says Matsumoto.

He has amongst other things:

  • Established institutional partnerships between UiB and Kyoto University and Tohuku University at the level of Faculty of Medicine.
  • Established institutional level partnership between UiB and JAMSTEC.
  • Supported UiB researchers to find competent Japanese partners and to develop collaborative relations.
  • Organized seminars and workshops to increase academic visibility of UiB in Japan.

Connecting the best researchers

One of the benefits for UiB, is that Matsumoto, with his local insight, has been able to connect researchers of UiB with the best Japanese researchers in the field of accordance with the requirements and necessities.

“One of my advantages, is that I could get rid of barriers and obstacles due to difficulties of communications and differences of cultures for UiB researchers to collaborate with Japanese partners,” Matsumoto explains.

Japan is a beneficial partner

Matsumoto says that it was smart of UiB to choose Japan as a strategic partner country to start promoting collaborations with Japanese universities and research institutions.

“Japan is quite a beneficial partner country providing complementary competences to UiB researchers with clear mutual benefits”.

He thinks that UiBs strategy to go for Norwegian and European funding programme by teaming up with the best Japanese researchers in order to strengthen the competition is quite an effective approach.

“UiB has been efficiently utilizing the contact in Japan to implement strategies in accordance with its priorities”, says Matsumoto.

Long-term commitment needed

To make the international strategy even better, Matsumoto thinks that long-term commitments are needed.

“Once you are convinced what you are doing is right. In particular with collaboration with Japanese, this is essential,” says Matsumoto.

“There are many goals you can achieve within 2 years, however, it takes more years to enjoy most fruitful outcome of collaborations.”

Matsumoto, who will soon leave his job as UiB´s man in Japan, is absolutely clear that another person needs to fill his shoes.

“ If UiB wants to further develop and maintain partnerships in Japan and harvest the successful outcome of the collaborations, a contact person is definitely needed”, says Hiroshi Matsumoto.