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ERC Grant to Randi Bertelsen

– The ERC Starting Grant means a lot both to me, the research group and the Department of Clinical Science, says Bertelsen.

Randi Bertelsen
Kim Andreassen

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– This will strengthen my research. With this money I’m able to recruit qualified PhD’s and Post Doc’s, and establish my own research group, she says.

She is examining how the composition of oral bacteria influences lung health: 

– This research also has an important public health element. Research has shown that infections in the gum affects the risk of cardiovascular diseases, she explains.

Bertelsen is one of only two UiB Researches to receive this grant. The other one is Scott Bremer at the Centre for the Study of the Sciences and the Humanities.

The grant is 1,5 million dollars over a period of 5 years, and is given to especially talented early-career scientist, who has alredy produced excellent supervised work. Read more about it at the European Research Council website: https://erc.europa.eu/funding/starting-grants