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Celebrating 30 years of international health

Centre for International Health celebrated its 30th anniversary with a large seminar at the University Aula.

CIH 30 Years
THE DIRECTORS: CIH-Director Bente E. Moen flanked by previous CIH-directors (from left) Bjarne Bjorvatn, Rune Nilsen, Gunnar Kvåle and Bernt Lindtjørn.
Kim E. Andreassen

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30 years with Centre for International Health (CIH) at the University of Bergen was celebrated with a 12 hour seminar including music, tapas and cake, Monday 10. December, at the University Aula

The seminar From Past to Future in Global Health reflected CIH´s 30 year long history. 

“Many of our partners and colleagues where present and we presented our current main projects to them,” says CIH-Director Bente E. Moen

Local capacity building

During 30 years, CIH has educated students in global health, done research in low-income countries and improved the health for thousands of people. 

Many students at CIH have come from low-income countries to do their master and PhD at the centre, and have returned to their home countries ending up as professors or working at the public health service. 

“Some of the most important achievements for the centre the last 30 years is local capacity building, especially when it comes to building university departments and centres in countries like Zambia, Ethiopia and Nepal,” Moen says.

Struggling for research funding

CIH did also invite a professional panel to discuss what the centre should prioritize for the next years to come. 

“There are still many challenges in low- and middle income countries, and there is a large difference in health services between North and South.”

“One of the most important works is to provide funding for our research projects in global health. We are witnessing a deprioritisation in this field from the research councils,” says Bente E. Moen.