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A terrific honour

Bruce R. Zetter, the new honorary doctor at the Faculty of Medicine, thinks this honorary doctorate will strengthen the ties between Harvard Medical School and the University of Bergen.

Bruce R. Zetter. Honourary Doctor, University of Bergen.
Bruce R. Zetter became honourary doctor at the University of Bergen 15 October 2019.
Kim E. Andreassen

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“This recognition is a terrific honour for me,” says Professor Bruce R. Zetter at the Harvard Medical School and Boston Children’s Hospital

As a member of the Centre for Cancer Biomarkers´s  (CCBIO) Scientific Advisory Board, Zetter has visited the University of Bergen many times. With the honorary doctorate, he thinks this will further strengthen the relationship. 

“We are having scientist and students from UiB to Harvard Medical School and our laboratories, and we are sending ours to UiB. I think the collaboration, not only with me and my colleagues, but also between Harvard Medical School and the University of Bergen will continue to grow,” Zetter says. 

Fighting cancer with RNA

During the last years, Zetter has tried to expand his research in fighting cancer. He has abandoned the usual method of trying to get small cancer drug molecules into the cancer cells and block their pathways. Instead he has been successful in sending RNA into the tumours, that both disables cancer-promoting genes and also restores the activity of natural tumour-supressing genes. 

“This method has been successful in animal experiments. I believe that the next step is treatment for human patients,” says Zetter. 

Loyal supporter

According to Professor Lars A. Akslen, Director of CCBIO, Zetter has been a very loyal supporter of the University of Bergen and CCBIO already for many years. 

“He has this very unique ability to combine research activities with timely innovation and outstanding teaching and mentoring. He contributes with sound advice on research strategy and networking initiatives which are very important for UIB,” says Lars A. Akslen.

Whatch Bruce R. Zetter´s 3 tips on how to become a successful cancer researcher:

Bruce R. Zetter

Kim E. Andreassen