Faculty of Medicine

Information to students and employees about the coronavirus

The Norwegian government has decided that all universities are to close from 6 p.m. 12 March 2020 until Easter. The Faculty of Medicine provides information on how to deal with the outbreak of the coronavirus as a student and as an employee.

Alissa Eckert, MS, Dan Higgins, MAM

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The Norwegian government has decided that all universities are to close from 6 p.m. 12 March 2020 until Easter.


  1. Students in ALL study programs at the Faculty of Medicine should stay away from teaching facilities, dental clinics, laboratories, reading rooms, medical skills training centre and hospitals.
  2. Medical students undergoing practical training outside the area of Helse Bergen are not included in this decision. Separate information will be sent to students (courses MED7, MED9, MED11).
  3. We ask all students to clear their desks by tomorrow and bring with them their belongings. Make plans for studying at home and tuition online for an extended period of time.
  4. Courses will be taught at Mitt UiB (mitt.uib.no) and other digital platforms.
  5. The Faculty has been authorized to adjust the requirements for obligatory courses and training activites. More information will be given later to students at the different courses.
  6. All exams will for the moment be carried out according to plan, but the form of the exams may differ. Information will be given to students at the different courses.
  7. Students graduating this spring: The Faculty will do its utmost to make sure that students will get their final exams, diploma and authorizations.
  8. No employees are to meet at work, starting from tomorrow Friday 13 March. All employees must work from home. 

EXCEPTIONS: Employees needed for critical operations:

a)       Heads of research groups for persistent laboratory experiments until they are completed by Monday 16 March at 9 a.m.
b)      Necessary personell for heads of research groups (se above).
c)       Personell that the departments K1, K2, and IBM considers vital to keep equipment and freezers intact.
d)      Employees engaged in research related to coronavirus.

  1. All laboratory activities must be completed as soon as possible and by Monday 16 March at 9 a.m.
  2. All meetings (i.e. administrative meetings, supervision meetings, research group meeting) must be organized digitally.
  3. Any job related travel is prohibited, both domestic and foreign.
  4. Economical loss related to cancelled job travels will be compensated for by the Faculty if not covered by the employees own travel. insurance. Any claims must be sent to the department where you are employed.
  5. We strongly advice that leisure travel must be kept at at minimum. Employees traveling outside of the Nordic countries, will be put in a 14 day quarantine. No salary will be payed during the quarantine period.