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The Coronavirus

The Coronavirus - information for PhD Candidates (MED)

Relevant information for PhD candidates at The Faculty of Medicine related to the Corona virus

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PhD candidates are requested to adhere to the official advice during the Corona virus pancemic. Please consult https://www.uib.no/en/corona for information about how the UiB is dealing with the current situation. Many PhD candidates have questions about the effects on their PhD progress. 

Public defences

The Faculty of Medicine is ensuring that doctoral theses can be defended digitally, as per the UiB guidelines, please see https://www.uib.no/en/foremployees/134629/public-defence-and-trial-lecture-during-coronavirus-outbreak

The individual departments are facilitating the transition to digital platforms and will be able to assist with testing prior to the defence. 

Training component

Many PhD candidates are now unable to travel to planned conferences to present their research. For those who are in the final phase of the PhD, pre-accepted abstracts to conferences can be accepted if the poster or presentation has been prepared, this is the last remaining training activity and it is justified that there are no other opportunities for dissemination activities to be completed before thesis submission. Other candidates are requested to find alternative dissemination activities with their department and supervisors in keeping with the guidelines for calculating course credits in the training component, available online: https://www.uib.no/en/med/65665/regulations-and-guidelines

PhD candidates who find that their classes are cancelled or that their project is delayed, are recommended to look for relevant online courses. If no courses are available, an individual syllabus can be considered, please refer to the above guidelines. Please also consult https://www.uib.no/en/corona/134480/information-about-teaching-and-examination for information about how teaching and exams are currently organised at the UiB. 


PhD candidates who experience delays in connection with the pandemic, will be entitled to an extension in their PhD period. The funding of the extension depends on the source of funding and the type of delay. 

PhD fellows employed with the UiB are advised to consult guidelines from the HR department concerning extensions. Documentation concerning such delays should be submitted as early as possible, and applications will be processed constinuously, but note that this could take some time. Please use the two forms available below and send separately to post@med.uib.no. Please contact HR with queries about extension of the funding period/employment contract. The PhD team will receive a copy of the decision from HR at UiB and the PhD period will be extended correspondingly, please contact the PhD coordinators should the end date on studentweb not correspond with the date in the HR Portal.

Candidates with external funding in need leave of absence, sick leave or extensions are advised to contact their funding institution for queries regarding this. Any extensions for externally funded candidates will be processed in the same way as other periods of statutory leave of absence, please use the online extension application: https://www.uib.no/en/med/67241/forms-doctoral-education

Note that even if the source of funding does not grant any extension of the salary, it is possible to get an extension on the deadline for submission of the thesis. Please use the same application form as above. 

Contact information to the PhD team:

Faculty administration: phd@med.uib.no

Department of Global Public Health and Primary Care: Daniel.Gundersen@uib.no

Department of Clinical Medicine: Kjetil.Harkestad@uib.no

Department of Clinical Science: Irene.Hjelmaas@uib.no

Department of Biomedicine: Margarethe.Bittins@uib.no

Department of Clinical Dentistry: signe.solberg@uib.no

HR forms for documentation of delays caused by the corona pandemic and campus closure