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Faculty Day Award Winners 2021

Here are the winners of the faculty's research and education awards and the Søren Falch Awards of 2021.

Lars Fadmes og Rolf Reed
Jørgen Barth / Reidar Lothe

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The Søren Falch Junior Award goes to Prof. Lars Thore Fadnes at the Department of Global Public Health and Primary Care. 

"I'm happy and humbled to receive this award and sees it as a confirmation of the effort I have put into my research work and the different roles I have had in the Faculty", says Fadnes.  

The Junior Award goes to "Best researcher under the age of 40" and the Senior Award is awarded to a person that has shown "Excellent leadership within medical research". This years it goes to Prof. Rolf K. Reed at the Department of Biomedicine

"It's an honour to receive this award, and a pleasure to see that the research I'm doing is being noticed and makes a difference", says the professor. 

You will find extracts from the nomination texts on our Norwegian website.

On the event Faculty Day 2021 - Meet our finest on October 20th you will get the change to hear a lecture from both professors. You will also witness the presentation of our research and education award winners of 2021. 

Here are the awards: 

Education Awards:

Research Awards: