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Datathon in Bergen September 16th – 19th

Eitri Medical Incubator invites everyone interested in using data to develop better health solutions to particitpate in a “datathon” in September.

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Eitri Medical Incubator

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Eitri Medical Datathon 2022 is an effort to unleash the potential of data in healthcare. The workshop is facilitated by the world leading scientists Leo Celi from MIT. He is best known for bringing together clinicians and data scientists to collect and analyze data routinely collected during the healthcare process.

"With digitalization of care, there is an opportunity for each country, for each healthcare organization, to build its own medical knowledge system. But no hospital or clinic has all the data science and clinical expertise needed to curate and derive knowledge from the electronic health records", says Celi.

"Leveraging the knowledge encrypted in real-world health data requires a wide range of skills and perspectives. Sharing de-identified health data to the research community allows quality checks of the analyses, facilitates reproducibility, promotes multi-disciplinary collaboration and builds societal trust."

Aim: Better healthcare  

The aim of the Eitri datathon is to utilize previously admitted patients' data from the emergency room to answer important clinical research questions.

 "An equally important aim is to bring together clinicians, data scientist, engineers, industry, and investors for interdisciplinary collaboration aiming to provide better healthcare in the Bergen Hospital, and to the world", says Director of Eitri, Torleif Markussen Lunde.

 Key stakeholders from Haukeland Hospital, HVL, University of Bergen, Curie and Eureka student organizations, have agreed to participate. Clinicians, students, industry, and professors are invited to participate, nationally and internationally.

Read more: https://www.eitrilab.no/datathon2022