Faculty of Medicine

Campus Haukeland/Årstadvollen – a student’s guide

The Faculty of Medicine Campus is located at Årstadvollen and around Haukeland University Hospital, close to downtown Bergen and with great hiking opportunities in close proximity.

See Campus map (pdf).

Here is a survey of the most important buildings and sites at Campus Haukeland/Årstadvollen for you as a new student: 

Bygg for biologiske basalfag (BBB) / Building for Basic Biological Research, Jonas Lies vei 91
Most student groups have lectures or study activities at Building for basic biological research (also referred to as «the BB-building»)at some point during their studies. At the BB-building you can find auditoriums, reading rooms, group rooms, PC rooms, cafeteria and a library. The Section of Academic Affairs of Department of Biomedicine is located in the 6th floor of the building. There is a closed-in walking bridge between BBB and the main building of the Haukeland University Hospital, on the 3rd floor of both buildings.

Haukeland universitetssjukehus / Haukeland University Hospital (HUS), Jonas Lies vei 65
At the HUS site, there are several UiB teaching facilities. In particular, students of medicine and nutrition will have many educational activities here during their studies. The main building also has other useful facilities, such as a large cafeteria and a hairdresser (3rd floor), a kiosk, pharmacy, ATM, and café, (1st floor), etc.

Armauer Hansens hus / The Armauer Hansen building (AHH), Haukelandsveien 28
Several reading rooms and group rooms for students are located in the 1st floor of AHH.  The Information Centre for Students is also located here. Another closed-in walking bridge connects 2nd floor of the main building of HUS with 1st floor of AHH.

Odontologibygget  / The Dentistry building (NOB), Årstadveien 19
The new Dentistry Building at Årstadvollen hosts most of the educational activities for students admitted to Master of dentistry and Bachelor of dental hygiene. Apart from teaching rooms and a new and modern “skill center”, you will find reading rooms, cafeteria and the Dental University Hospital at the Dentistry Building.

Overlege Danielsens hus / the Overlege Danielsen building (ODH), Årstadveien 21
The Center for International Health at the Department of Global Public Health and Primary Care has their offices in the Overlege Danielsen building. There are teaching rooms and PC rooms in the building, along with a locale for social gatherings for faculty students.

Laboratoriebygget / The Lab Building, Jonas Lies vei 65
Research milleus connected to medicine, nutrition and pharmacy are all located in this large building next to the BB-building and Haukeland University Hospital (HUS). The Section of Academic Affairs for both Department of Clinical Medicine and Department of Clinical Science are located on the 7th floor, and the Lab Building is connected to the BB-building and HUS through the same closed-in walking bridge going from BBB to HUS (3rd floor).

Kalfarvegen 31
The Section of Academic Affairs of Department of Global Public Health and Primary Care are located in Kalfarvegen 31. There are also several UiB teaching rooms in the building.

For pharmacy students:
Pharmacy students have their teaching sessions at both the Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry and the Faculty of Mathematics and Science (“Realfagbygget”, Allégaten 41). Some lectures are also given in Kalfarveien 31. UiB has a permanent Campus bus service, which transports students and staff between the various locations at the university – free of charge.

How to get to Campus Haukeland/Årstadvollen:
There are excellent bus connections to campus. Buses no. 2 and 3 have the most frequent departures, but other buses also stop by Haukeland University Hospital and Årstadvollen along the same route. Please consult www.skyss.no for bus timetables, or download the travel planner-app from Skyss to your mobile.

The closest bus stop to the Dentistry building (NOB) is called “Statsarkivet”, and the closest to the area around the BB-Building and Haukeland University Hospital (HUS) is “Haukeland Nord”. And if you’re feeling fit, you can always walk or bicycle from anywhere in downtown Bergen.